19 November 2010

Teensy Planet

Every so often the words, "I have a blog" appear in my conversations, which always sounds so lame to me. But the last few times that phrase surfaced was when I was recounting a Small World story for someone. I am fascinated by small world stories - is that weird? I just think it is so amazing to find out that you and a friend have a mutual friend by some freakish, random coincidence. And my "I have a blog" phrase leads straight into one of these instances. Read on, if you want to have your MIND BLOWN AWAY at the crazy small world story...

So, I have a blog. And a couple of years ago, during the November NaBloPoMo (which I am sucking at this year, btw) my blog was stumbled upon by one lovely Sasha, who also has a blog. She commented on a post, and I felt like Navin R. Johnson on phone book delivery day. She and I became online friends. We both originated from Orange County (that's in Southern CA for you out-of-staters), and coincidentally, were both in Northern CA at that time. We'd planned on getting together, but nothing ended up getting planned. I moved back down to Southern CA with my then-husband and our Boog, and shortly after that, Sasha moved down with her family.

We finally had a meet and greet. And a friendship was born. Later, we became Facebook buddies as well. Because everything revolves around Facebook. And one day, Sasha's friend is at her house for a visit, and sees her Facebook page on her computer and sees my name there. And she remarks that there cannot possibly be two people with the name Eva Green* in the world, seeing as how it is so unique and all.

And wouldn't you know, it turns out to be an old friend of mine from high school who was on the Colorguard team with me. And she is good friends with someone I met online while in Northern California.

So awesome and freakishly random. I have more if you want to read 'em. And please share yours!

* Name changed to protect the guilty.


Smaktakula said...

"I have a blog" sounds lame to me as well, and unfortunately it affects how I say it.

I also have a mind-blowing coincidence involving a chick named Eva (not Green) and a color guard Amigo.

Once, when I was living in Alabama* I dated a chick named Eva French (that was actually her last name). Anyway, Eva . . . French came out to visit me in Alabama*. She, much like the women in your story, was a Southern Californian (although she'd been all over the place; she was practically Finn-Saudi)currently living in the Bay Area.

But wait . . . it gets weirder.
So we're at this party in Alabama* and Eva . . .French sees this other chick who looks like this chick she knew back in Southern California like a million years before. She made ME go ask, but it turns out that the girl was a . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . Old Color Guard Friend!

* State Name Changed To Protect both the Good and the Eval.

Eva said...

Thanks for sharing such a great story! That woman and I actually reconnected on fb a couple years back too, and have gotten together for drinks twice, most recently a week ago! We still marvel at how bizarre that was. And in my defense, I was very under the weather that night at the party and probably made you talk to her after I started suspecting that I was hallucinating.

Employee No. 3699 said...

The "I have a blog" line makes me feel lame too when I say it; especially when I have to explain what a blog is.

sari said...

I don't even tell people any more, it makes me feel like a dork. I just figure, if I know them on Facebook, then it automatically just pulls there and they can read it, or not.

Good story!