13 November 2008

And finally, Blogging Sin #7: Exploiting Your Children For Blog Fodder

Bonus points for being WAY LATE with said post (i.e. Halloween pictures in the middle of November).

More bonus points if the pictures you post have already been sent to practically every reader of your blog two weeks ago via Picasa. Enjoy! Again!

03 November 2008

Blogging Sin #6: Getting All Political on Your Ass

Actually, there is nothing wrong with political blogs. I'm just not the type to jump on that bandwagon. Mostly because I like to keep my political opinions to myself. My brother and my dad argue EVERY FREAKIN' SUNDAY NIGHT at dinner about how dad should be more Democratic in his political views, and how my brother needs to CALM THE HELL DOWN, DAD IS NEVER GOING TO STOP BEING A REPUBLICAN SO JUST GIVE IT A REST.

I find myself reminding my little brother that the most awesome thing about this country is that people are allowed to have an opinion. And they are allowed to express it as loudly as they'd like. Without fear of imprisonment or death or anything. Isn't that great?

So go out tomorrow and make your voice heard. Vote.