23 October 2008

Blogging Sin #5: Dear Diary Dullness

Dear Diary,

Last night I dreamt that Rainn Wilson came on to me. And because of the Gobi Desert that is my love life, I responded with the fervor of a sexual zealot. Rainn Wilson, though? Couldn't my subconscious pick someone with a nicer ass?

The dream was a nice break from the dreary days that have swept over October like a black cloud, though. October 5th was the anniversary of me leaving my ex-husband. Don't get me wrong, Diary. The anniversary wasn't really a day of sorrow and regret. It was more of a reflection of the last year of my life and a kind of "course adjustment" of where I'm heading.

Work could really not suck any more that it is sucking this month. It got so bad last week that I actually considered restarting my smoking habit. I have been smoke-free for six years, Diary! And I gaze longingly at the smokers outside the office building, chatting away with others that are on the same nicotine-dispensing schedule as they are. I recall the delicious rush through my limbs to my fingertips and toes after that first drag on the cigarette, and the deep breathing and the relaxation of being away from the office for ten minutes. And then I recall the coughing. The constant coughing. And the smell and the bad breath and the smell and the coughing and the smell. And the addiction that makes you smoke even when you are sick. And then I don't miss smoking anymore. Yay, me!

Then, to stay consistent with the suckiness of October 2008, Boog came down with pneumonia a week ago and has been recovering since then. Thank goodness for my mom - she agreed to watch him during the day so that I can go to work and earn a living. I am so glad that I took him to urgent care last Sunday - otherwise I might have let this go undetected for who knows how long. He's doing fine now, but the side-effects from his antibiotics are preventing him from returning to preschool anytime soon. Poor little man.

Is it November yet?

02 October 2008

Blogging Sin #4: Shameless Self-Promotion

On this day, 39 years ago, Eva was born! Happy Birthday to me! In lieu of presents, feel free to send cash.