22 August 2008

Outdoorsy Outdoorserson

This summer, we've been attending weekly outdoor concerts here in Long Beach. It's a popular event, with the Long Beach Municipal Band performing for the crowd.

Hundreds of people come out, toting blankets, chairs and picnic dinners to share a warm evening out in the fresh air. The City of Long Beach turns a blind eye to the fact that wine and beer are consumed, which is probably for the best since our prison system is rather crowded as it is.

It's such a popular community event that people come out at 9am that morning to stake their claim to a primo spot near the band. My mom, the trooper, gets our tarp down at 9:30, so we have a nice position a ways back from the band's speakers. The band is over by the palm trees on the right side of the picture:

Each week was a different musical "theme": big band swing night, western theme (remember the William Tell Overture, anyone?), International Music night (French, Norwegian, Italian, German). One night, they even had a local singer come out and sing some standards for us, including lots of Sinatra and the like.

Having little faith in Boog's tolerance for remaining in the vicinity of our tarp for more than an hour, I was a bit nervous during our first evening out. But guess what? He was perfectly content to nibble on the food we had set out on our little "table", and people-watch with the rest of us:

Alas, their concert series came to a close two weeks ago. But another band, The Elm Street Band, passed out fliers at the last performance, letting us know that they would be holding an outdoor concert too. So after work, as usual, Boog and I headed over to my parents' house and we all walked over to the park with our picnic accoutrement. As always, I think Boog felt quite at home:

I highly recommend these types of events, as they involve music, family and food. And they're outside! And for those of you, like me, that are air-conditionally challenged (read: only have fans at home), this is a plus. I'm already looking forward to next summer!


sharilyn said...

i can't believe i never made to even one of those! looks like all of Long Beach is there... sigh. maybe next year. thanks for sharing!!! :) (oh, you may want to correct your heading, you outdoorserson)

Eva said...

Sharilyn: Yes, you must go next summer. And my header is fine: it's a thing that Ace Ventura started me on, with the phrase, "Thank you, Helpy Helperson!"

meleah rebeccah said...

Wow! Now that looks like a good time.