20 August 2008


Michael C and I were having an email conversation about happiness today. That it is a great thing to have! Duh, right? So then I asked him to list three sources of happiness for him this morning. His list was this:

1. My twins- they make everything brighter, just like the Brady Bunch sang about.

2. I finally had a good day at work where I didn’t spend all day giving my cubicle walls the evil eye, which they ignored anyway. Those fools!

3. Waking up with a new blog idea this morning.

He asked me the same question. Here's mine:

1. Boog’s smile when I woke him up this morning singing “Good Morning” from the movie Singin’ in the Rain.

2. Seeing a fire engine AND an ambulance down the street from Boog’s daycare and having enough time to stop and watch them for a while. Boog went totally BONKERS when I pointed them out.

3. Listening to my favorite retro-80s radio channel on iTunes all morning on my computer.

(And my bonus happiness: I’m wearing my red shoes today.)

So what are three sources of happiness for you today? Recounting them will make you happy all over again, I promise!


sari said...

1. Seeing Homer's picture.

2. Going to the PTA meeting and actually signing up for something I like and want to do this year.

3. Seeing the HUGE smile of love and joy on my 10 month old boy's face when I came home from the meeting as he looked out the front window at me (his dad was holding him). I'm with him 24/7 so to see that just made my heart hurt I was so happy.


4. Thinking of the Good Morning song from Singing in the Rain. I love that song! I'm singing it now, I just can't help it.

Michael C said...

1. Seeing my name on someone else's blog

2. A call from my youngest twin at work just to tell me about a random thing she did.

3. Getting to play with my dog and girls out back tonight.

Wait, am I allowed to list another 3 since my first three was put out there for all the world to see. Whoa, that rhymed! Hey, that's a 4thing I can add!!

sharilyn said...

1. playing with glow sticks and a two year old!! the joy and wonder on his face!! (thanks Boog!)

2. getting to go to the store for my friend...(helping out!) and the joy of shopping w/o spending my own money!

3. making carmelized onions for the first time ever and having them be oh so delicious!!! (so yummy--like the two yr old with the glow sticks!!) :)

Employee No. 3699 said...

1. Getting new kitchen appliances delivered today.

2. Getting to leave work after only three hours to meet delivery men for above appliances.

3. Tomorrow is Friday!

meleah rebeccah said...

1. My son JCH (age 12)

2. Leaving The Office Early

3. Alcohol!

Skeeter said...

In no relative order ...

1. Having a minor breakthrough at work.
2. Reading & Writing.
3. Sunshine, because life is sometimes just that good.

Best wishes,