31 August 2008

Is it Just Me?

...or does everyone call him M. Night Shamalamadingdong?

Just wondering.

24 August 2008

Happiness Revisited

First of all, thanks to those of you who shared your happiness lists for me! And for those of you who didn't, well I know who you are, and you shall be formally reprimanded in triplicate come Monday morning.

The picture in that post has an accompanying song, but it took me FOREVER to find it online. But I am nothing if not persistent. Enjoy!

Spreadin' the Love

One of my favorite bloggers, Skeeter, says I'm his favorite accountant! Aww, thanks! He also says he loves my blog. See?

So keeping with tradition, I am paying it forward, passing this award to my favorite bloggers:

1. Sari - the second person I befriended in the blogging world, Sari somehow manages to raise three boys AND find time to write everyday! Her observations about the world are always fun or thought provoking. And she loves music, which makes her tops in my book!

2. Michael C. - does this guy really need an introduction? Michael's writing makes me laugh on a daily basis, and I am so grateful for that. Hi 9-volt!

3. Meleah - this hot tamale is a recent blogger discovery of mine. I think she's fantastic. And she apparently shares my love for Macs, although she's a bit more obsessive about it.

4. Sharilyn - my neighbor! Seriously, we share a wall in our apartment building. One evening, I shared with her that I have a blog, and within 24 hours the wonder woman over there had set up one of her own, with photos and her first post! Since then, she has posted every day, often adding beautiful photos she has taken. Her posts remind you of the beauty that this world has to offer if you just stop and look.

5. Employee #3699 - I can't help but appreciate this woman's sense of humor. Plus, she's on the same bandwagon as me: The "Exploit Our Children on our Blog" bandwagon. Hers are grandchildren, but same difference. They're all minors.

You guys are just so awesome. Thanks for making my life that much better.

22 August 2008

Outdoorsy Outdoorserson

This summer, we've been attending weekly outdoor concerts here in Long Beach. It's a popular event, with the Long Beach Municipal Band performing for the crowd.

Hundreds of people come out, toting blankets, chairs and picnic dinners to share a warm evening out in the fresh air. The City of Long Beach turns a blind eye to the fact that wine and beer are consumed, which is probably for the best since our prison system is rather crowded as it is.

It's such a popular community event that people come out at 9am that morning to stake their claim to a primo spot near the band. My mom, the trooper, gets our tarp down at 9:30, so we have a nice position a ways back from the band's speakers. The band is over by the palm trees on the right side of the picture:

Each week was a different musical "theme": big band swing night, western theme (remember the William Tell Overture, anyone?), International Music night (French, Norwegian, Italian, German). One night, they even had a local singer come out and sing some standards for us, including lots of Sinatra and the like.

Having little faith in Boog's tolerance for remaining in the vicinity of our tarp for more than an hour, I was a bit nervous during our first evening out. But guess what? He was perfectly content to nibble on the food we had set out on our little "table", and people-watch with the rest of us:

Alas, their concert series came to a close two weeks ago. But another band, The Elm Street Band, passed out fliers at the last performance, letting us know that they would be holding an outdoor concert too. So after work, as usual, Boog and I headed over to my parents' house and we all walked over to the park with our picnic accoutrement. As always, I think Boog felt quite at home:

I highly recommend these types of events, as they involve music, family and food. And they're outside! And for those of you, like me, that are air-conditionally challenged (read: only have fans at home), this is a plus. I'm already looking forward to next summer!

20 August 2008


Michael C and I were having an email conversation about happiness today. That it is a great thing to have! Duh, right? So then I asked him to list three sources of happiness for him this morning. His list was this:

1. My twins- they make everything brighter, just like the Brady Bunch sang about.

2. I finally had a good day at work where I didn’t spend all day giving my cubicle walls the evil eye, which they ignored anyway. Those fools!

3. Waking up with a new blog idea this morning.

He asked me the same question. Here's mine:

1. Boog’s smile when I woke him up this morning singing “Good Morning” from the movie Singin’ in the Rain.

2. Seeing a fire engine AND an ambulance down the street from Boog’s daycare and having enough time to stop and watch them for a while. Boog went totally BONKERS when I pointed them out.

3. Listening to my favorite retro-80s radio channel on iTunes all morning on my computer.

(And my bonus happiness: I’m wearing my red shoes today.)

So what are three sources of happiness for you today? Recounting them will make you happy all over again, I promise!

11 August 2008

Meleah and Her Main Squeeze

Macs Rule! And so do their owners. Behold, a genius at work:

You should pay her a visit over at her blog. She's a good read!


Nothing says "Good Morning Monday!" quite like finding two flies copulating on your windshield as you depart for work in your car.

09 August 2008


I met him online. He's funny. He seems to think I'm funny. We share stories and we get to know each other.

Have any of you ever developed an Internet crush on someone? I would love to hear some anecdotes about this phenomenon, because it's a first for me. Unless you call Ryan Reynolds an Internet crush. In which case, this is my second.