03 July 2008

Y is for Yesteryear

I should discontinue sharing the musical journeys of my past. Perhaps I scared some of you away with the LA punk scene? Except for Skeeter. Hi Skeeter! Or maybe you're all enjoying your July 4th weekends sans computers! Happy 4th, everybody!

So let's take a journey of another sort. One with a picture and one with a post.

Here's a picture I have in my apartment, of my dad and me outside our cabin in Norway, circa Summer 1970.

And here's an old post that I dug up about Boog from December 2006.

Stay tuned for the final post in my alphabet series: "Z"!!!


Skeeter said...

I thought it was great! This is very exciting Eva. You're almost through the alphabet, just one more letter to go. The anticipation is killing me. what starts with Z anyway?

best wishes,

Skeeter said...

OK, I'm back ... anticipating the mighty Z ...

Best wishes,

sari said...

What is it with dads having to do that with their babies? My husband does it with our kids too!

Skeeter said...

but it makes for such peculair pictures later on... your mother was probably about to faint when she saw this.