01 July 2008

X is for X

At the tender age of 17, the summer after graduating high school, my friend Gail dated a cute punker from Long Beach. And since she and I were attached at the hip, I was paired with his buddy Brent. It was through them that I was exposed to the L.A. punk band X. I still listen to my double album "Los Angeles/Wild Gift" and feel 17 again, with no responsibilities, no sense of mortality and no respect for authority. I never lived the punk lifestyle, but I'll be damned if this band didn't rock my world that summer.


Skeeter said...

Cool! I remember the punk scene in the late 70s. A welcome blast from the disco thing. I liked it. Kinda surprised to hear echoes of it these days though.

Peace, love and (of course) rock & roll!

sari said...

i have that record, i love x! (i love "when our love passed out on the couch" though i can't remember if it's on that record or not)