24 June 2008

W is for World of the Sea (aka SeaWorld!)

Boog and I went to Sea World two weeks ago! He had a blast. So did I!

Before our big day, he was given a little monkey "backpack", which is a toddler-leash in disguise. Go ahead and comment on how cruel this device is, I don't care. I didn't lose him, now did I?

He sat so still during all of the shows. During the dolphin show ("doffin show!") he sat on my lap with his hand stuffed in his mouth, he was that excited.

He decided that it would be more prudent to go see the shark exhibit first, and then go to the Sea Lion & Otter show. That way we wouldn't feel too rushed.

He stayed awake as long as his little body could manage. I was impressed that he held out as long as he did! 5pm with no nap! Well done, Boog!


Matt said...

Hay que lindo! (Which means, how cute, in case you didn't know!)

It looks like a fun trip, and it was nice of you to allow the lil boog dude to plan the day and not feel rushed!

sari said...

Oh how fun! we went there when nine was about five and he got chosen to be in the dolphin show, which was a lot of fun for him. the rest of the day people would recognize him and say "hey, there's nine!" which he loved.

Cute pictures!! Boog is at a great age right now.

Skeeter said...

That's too cool! He was having a blast. I had a good time too the late time Mrs. Skeeter and I went to see the animals and the show.

At W now, almost there! Best wishes dear.