06 June 2008

U is for Undercover Agents Underground

Tonight, I surpassed the 1000 mark in how many times I have read the Backyardigans "A is for Adventure" book to the Boog. I exaggerate, but not by much. In the last two months, something extraordinary has happened - Boog is actually paying attention to what I am saying when I hold a book in front of his face! He repeats stuff and he points to stuff and names it or asks the name of it. I am delighted with this new turn of events.

Up until this point, our bedtime book ritual involved me picking out a book from his bookshelf, sitting in the glider with him, and beginning to read from page one. Not three words into the page, Boog impatiently flips the page. Okay... I begin to read from that page. Flip! Then I decide that I will just entertain myself instead of getting annoyed at the lack of personal closure that I feel when reading every word on the page. I try to speed-read as much as I can before he flips the page again. He counters with faster flipping. Wheeeeeee!

But now? Now he wants to pick out the books himself from the shelf. He climbs into my lap and hands me the book and we read it. And he points to things and proudly proclaims his knowledge of what it is. And he inquires about objects that he can't quite remember, "Whassdat, Mommy?" And we read books about the alphabet, and he points to the letters that he knows. It makes me a bit verklempt, actually. Side note: Go here for a good flashback of laughs!

I have loved books for as long as I can remember. My mom tells me stories about how when I was three, I used to bring five or six books to bed with me to read, and before lying down to sleep I would neatly stack the books on the table next to my crib. In junior high, I was obsessed with Sweet Dreams romance novels and would stay up until 4am, just to finish the book, or pass out with my face in it, whichever came first. Thankfully, my taste in reading matured with time, but my habit of reading into the wee hours of the morning remained. I lost count on how many times I stumbled into work or school with less than two hours of sleep, and not because I was out carousing the night before, either!

It seems to be one of the many joys of parenthood for me: watching Boog's love for books grow over time. I am so excited to see what the future holds for him.


Michael C said...

Good for Boog! I have to admit that there are times that I was the speedreader when doing the nighttime reading. The twins are too smart for me to get away with that now.

And Babs on Coffee Talk? The ladies' genuine reactions are PRICELESS!!!

TroyBoy said...

Yeah, Lil Phez used to be a flipper. At the age of 4 years and a few weeks,he enjoys "reading". By this I mean he enjoys saying the words aloud in time with my finger going across the words that he has memorized in more than a half a dozen books. And here I am who can't remember where I put my thoughts. <-- That either sounds very profound or very dumb...I have't decided which.

Matt said...

Not sure on the profoundness or dumbness of what you said troyboy, but I will continue to ponder it!

It is great that Boog is into the whole having books read to him, storytime, reading thing! Just wait until he starts to pick the longer books!

Oh, last night, I went to dinner with friends down here in Miami, and at the table next to us, was a little boy, maybe between 2 and 3, who reminded me of the little boog dude! Just sharing!

sari said...

I remember reading The Little Engine That Could SO MANY TIMES that I knew what words were on which page, I could read it with my eyes closed because I'd get SO TIRED after about 204 times every day.

!! :-)