03 June 2008

T is for Teenagers from Sweden!

My "S" post should really have been about Sweden. After all, Norway got its day in the sun, right? Oh well, bygones. What's important is that as of last night, we have three visitors from Sweden! They'll be here for a couple of weeks, staying at my parents' house for most of it.

I have two cousins in this world. Two. They are my mom's sister's children. They both live in southern Sweden in or near my mom's hometown of Simrishamn. How cute is Simrishamn, by the way? The town is storybook cute, people. Cobblestone streets? Check. Adorable hundred year-old houses lining the promenade in town? Check. The whole European sidewalk cafe action? Check. I haven't been there since 1998, when my grandmother turned 80. The teenagers that are visiting us now were 8 and 3(4?) years old the last time I saw them. I always love visiting my family there. I envy those of you who grew up in the same city/state/country as your relatives. It would have been so great to grow up with them and have close relationships with them! I'm fairly close with my female cousin, but only because she came over here a few times as an adult, the last time staying with me for a couple of weeks. The visitors this time are the wife and kids of my male cousin.

We don't correspond much - and it's not because of any language barrier. Those kids speak English like pros! But it's usually birthday and Christmas cards and that's about it. Since Boog was born, they've been sending him clothes and toys and sweet cards in the mail. The 18 year-old has a Facebook page, which allows me and her to send messages back and forth on occasion. So that's been fun, and has been a great place for us to get more acquainted.

So after work today, Boog and I went over to my parents' house to join them all for dinner. It is only the beginning of two crammed weeks of fun with these guys. We're going to Sea World this Saturday. It's a perfect place that can accommodate teenagers and boogs alike. And we haven't been in about 18 months, so I think Boog will enjoy himself.

Part of their visit coincides with Boog staying with his dad, so while I am going to miss my sweet boy more than anything, it will free up my evenings for movies and late nights and even a weekend trip to Magic Mountain! I haven't been to that park in over ten years, and cannot WAIT! I am hoping that I am so busy that time flies and Boog is back in my arms in what seems like only a short moment.

And all of this activity is certain to create memories to blog about and photos to post!


Matt said...

Wow! 2 posts in such a short period of time!

Have fun! Troyboy and I and a friend of ours went to SeaWorld on a trip about 2 months ago and it was fun!

I always loved visiting family and having family visit from various places! But never from another country...unless you count Kansas and Missouri as another country...some might?

Michael C said...

Enjoy their visit. And have fun at SeaWorld. It's on of our favorite places!!!

And speaking of favorite places, Simrishamn and your desription of it make me want to go spend some time in Fantasyland at Disneyland!! ;-)

Now, how do you say 'PARTY!!!' in Swedish??

Skeeter said...

Mrs. Skeeter is from another country. We almost always have one of the nephews here. Since we live in a university town, we're a favorite spot you know.

Sounds like you all will have a great time. Yes, what michael c. said ... how do you say party in Swedish? One of my great grandmothers was from Norway, but the only Norwegian she ever said were naughty little utterances when the cards weren't going her way.

Eva said...

Matt: I think some people probably consider Kansas and Missouri foreign countries. I myself have always wanted to see Kansas (not for the tornadoes, mind you).

Mike: Tomorrow is the big day! I hear they've got an Elmo thingy at the park - Boog will totally love that. Or be scared to death. We'll see! And I had to look it up, but "party down" in Swedish, it's "festa" or "slÄ runt". The fuuny looking "a" sounds like a long "o" sound, sort of.

Skeeter: Never play cards with a Norwegian. They cannot be trusted.

TroyBoy said...

Yeah, what's the deal with all of this posting action?! Not that I'm complaining, just curious where the burst came from. Could it be the loving encouragement you've received from your blogging buds, could it, could it, hmmm?

PS I hope you're having a blast with your cuzes.