01 June 2008

S is for Summer

Boog and I finally kicked off our summer (properly) this weekend! Memorial Day weekend was a dud as far as summer days go. Rainy, cold, overcast days - totally inappropriate beach weather! But this weekend? This weekend was GORGEOUS.

Boog loves being at the beach. He loves the sunshine, the sand, all of the people, the waves. He loves all that space to run around and just be a crazy Boog without bumping into anything. I love the beach too. It is what I missed the most when I lived in Northern California. Now we live a mile from the coast, and couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to perfecting our sand castles, having tan lines, finding sand all over the car, inside our shoes, in my bags and in Boog's diapers. It is a part of summers in Southern California that I hold dear in my heart and memory.

Happy Summer of 2008 everyone! Enjoy the moments!


Michael C said...

What great pics!!! You live that close to the beach? I am forever jealous. Throw on some Beach Boys, enjoy the weather and lounge by the ocean. Happy Summer indeed to Boog and you, Ms. Summer Summerson!!

Anonymous said...

What fun YOU had today! I'm glad you found something great for your 'S' post! and thanks for sharing your blog with me...I stayed up last night reading until I had read the entire alphabet. I could especially relate to "L"--for obvious reasons!! Now you can add another reader to your list...
:) sharilyn

Eva said...

Hi Sharilyn! Welcome! (Sharilyn is my neighbor, everyone!)

Matt said...

Hay que lindo! You have to tell the lil boog dude that I have that same shirt (just much much much larger)!

I too am one who likes the beach (much more than I ever let on) and wish I went more, but its about 45 minutes away.

Anyways, have a fun summer at home, with the dude, at the beach, and wherever else you might find yourself!

TroyBoy said...

Great pics, be sure to save those!