21 May 2008

R is for Recreation

I am in dire need of a vacation. I just realized this on Monday. Let's backtrack and travel back in time...to last Friday. [Insert Wayne and Garth going-back-in-time squiggly noises here]

My company was to be a sponsor at a conference on Monday. On Friday, we were wrapping up the preparations. The boss was out of town, so we wanted to take care and not forget anything. We made a list. We checked it twice....

....gonna find out who's naughty or nice.... [sorry, I could not resist that one]

I delegated stuff. My staff finished it all with time to spare. My boss and Ally (one of the staff) would be going to the hotel on Sunday evening to set up our table in the conference room. The flower arrangement was picked up on schedule on Saturday. Things were going swell.

But no, it wasn't meant to last, this swell going. I got a call from Ally. "Boss wants to know why we laminated the brochure." "Um, because she asked us to?" "No, she said she only asked us to laminate the handout for the panel." "Uh, well what now then?" "She wants to talk to you. Hold on a sec."

"Eva? Do you know how much money we wasted on this? These are unusable and now we don't have brochures for the table."

The next call was an hour later. "Eva, we are the only table without a sign. Did we not request that the event planners make us a sign? Everyone else did." "No, I sent the logo in months ago for that." "Well, there's no sign. Fortunately, so-and-so says they can run to Kinko's and have one made for us in time for tomorrow morning." "Well that's a relief."

The next morning: "Eva, these handouts for the panel don't have our phone number or website URL on them. I am having a heart attack. How did this happen? This is not the version of the document that I approved. These handouts cost a fortune and nobody is going to know who we are now!" "Oh my God, I have no idea how that could have happened. I sent the corrections to the graphic designer and she sent the final version back to me. I checked the corrections and it looked good." "Well, this conference is turning into a total fiasco and it's all your fault."

Actually, that last part isn't what she said at all, but I basically decided that it was time to lose my marbles. You know how sometimes everything goes wrong? And since you're in charge of delegating everything, it's basically your responsibility? This is one of those times. But since I'm not a Quitter, I had to suck it up and just get through the day. With the help of a LOT of chocolate.

And after making it through the day and choking back some tears for a couple of minutes, I decided that I need a vacation where Boog and I actually GO somewhere. Not the lame vacation where you just stay home and do stuff that you usually do on weekends anyway. The kind where you pack a swim suit and sunscreen and maybe a guide book. And you reserve seats on an airplane. And you book a hotel room and when you land at your destination, you have to set your watch back three hours.

Unfortunately, the current state of my finances does not allow for such a destination until the fall, when I am hopefully getting a rather large sum of money for referring some business to an old colleague of mine. Cross your fingers, everyone!

In the meantime, this long weekend will involve a swim suit and sunscreen anyway. After all, I am in beautiful and sunny Southern California! Have a happy Memorial Day, everyone!


TroyBoy said...

I'm sorry that you had such a sucky day at work. Don't let the negativity of those events suck you in. Instead, you must build a more postive "you" from the experience and develop an inner strenght that you'll...oh, who the fuck am I kidding, after Boog is safely tucked away in bed, knock back a few and be sure to have some self-indulgent fun this weekend!

sari said...

Recreation sounds good. I hope your weekend turns out well after all of that!

Don't forget the sunscreen!

Michael C said...

I hope the sun shows itself and you both have a great time and can say 'we're out here having fun, in the warm California sun. Those last few words are from an oldies song played in Good Morning Vietnam. It seemed appropriate. Seriously, have a wonderful few days with Boog!!

Also, you mentioned Wayne and Garth AND 'swell.' Were you striving for perfect post status with this one??

Matt said...

Like totally dude! You two go out and grab a couple waves and just chillax all weekend long.

Uh, yah...dudette and little boog dude!

Have a fun and happy Memorial Day!

Eva said...

troy, you have me laughing. thanks!!!

sari - you and me both are hoping for good weather this weekend! presently, it is POURING outside on this Friday night.

mike - i always strive for perfect post status, except when i'm lazy, which is pretty much all the time. ;)

matt - i like "little boog dude". i'm going to use that!

Skeeter said...

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunny California may be the place to vacation in place alright. Here in Oklahoma, we've made CNN again with the stormy Spring weather bringing another round of tornados. It's a mixed blessing thing, I suppose. The thunderstorms bring rain that everyone needs. We could do without the tornados for sure, but it's one of those deal, you know? The other side of living in tornado alley is the wierd weather-tourism that it brings. I heard a bunch of Germans talking in the restaurant this morning. They've had a great vacation ... storm chasing here in Oklahoma. Oh my, it's a bigger toruist industry than I thought.

Take a few days with Boog and enjoy yourself dear. Have some fun.

TroyBoy said...

I'm glad that I made you laugh...now where is our next post...damn it?

Eva said...

Troy - I'm busy recreating! But I have thinking about my "S" post and what to write about. I'll have it figured out by the weekend, I'm hoping! Now quit bossin' me!

TroyBoy said...

You're busy "recreating"? I didn't even know that you had a boyfriend. Congrats! Well, I guess we all know what your 'S' post will be about!

Eva said...

Oh for crying out loud, Troy. I *wish* I had that sort of "S" post to write about.