13 May 2008

P is for Poop

I tried to think of a better subject for this post, really I did. But after four days of taking care of a toddler with the stomach flu, it is quite impossible to think of anything else. Except for barf.

I am so sorry. My apologies to the childless readers of this blog. I hope you ate already.


beaniesue said...


I think poop is something mothers and 10 year old boys always thing of..and guess what! You're one of the two!

I hope Boog is feeling better.

Matt said...

Awww, poor Boog. That is never fun for a toddler (or their mommy)! But, yes, Poop probably would be the first thing to come to mind!

Michael C said...

Ahhhhh poop. Now that the twins are out of that stage (and the annoying 'Wipe Me! stage that you'll get to in the next year or so) I can look back at it fondly. Well, not that fondly.

I hope the Boog Man (if I can call him that) is feeling much better!!!

TroyBoy said...

Stomach flu, huh? Then you don't really mean poop do you? Cause when it has the consistency of cottage cheese or runnier, then it really isn't poop.

Brought to you by the letter 'F' - as in: The Finer Points of Poop from a Dad.

Skeeter said...

For those of us who non-childless, poop is a complete fact of life. I'm just glad that those days are over for me ... mine is in the unviersity now . Whew! Oh wait, what's this? The bill for a college education ... holy crap!

Eva said...

beaniesue: yes, boog is feeling better, thank you! he had normal poop on Monday and is back in action at daycare, and mommy is back at work! Which is a welcome break from poop, let me tell you.

Matt: Yes, the poor little guy seemed so surprised and scared about what was going on. And he was so, so weak. It just broke my heart that I couldn't make everything better right away.

Michael: I've heard that the "Wipe Me" stage is yet to come. I doubt that fond is a word that ANYONE would use when reminiscing about that.

Troyboy: No, I don't mean poop in the usual sense. Yes, I mean the gross stuff. But is that really necessary to elaborate on? The last round (on Sunday night) was so bad that I had to put him into the bathtub and THEN undress him. I almost decided to just throw the clothes out rather than deal with cleaning them.

And Skeeter: I was laughing with my mom last Friday when she came over to help out with BarfFest 2008. I said, "I never thought I would not be totally grossed out when another human being vomits all over my shoulder and down my back." Being a parent sure changes your gross-out threshold!

sari said...

Poop, schmoop.

I hope the little guy is feeling better.

sari said...

PS Everybody knows about poop, it's just us with the kids that don't care if we talk about it or not, ha ha!

Michael C said...

WIPE ME, DADDY!!!! Those words still make me shiver.