03 May 2008

L is for Loud

I live in a nice, quiet apartment building. My neighbors in the building are friendly, and keep to themselves for the most part. I have a one-bedroom apartment, with Boog sleeping in the bedroom in the back, and I sleep on the sofa bed in the living room. If I could afford it, I'd live in a two bedroom, believe me. And if Boog didn't snore so freakin' loud, I would share the bedroom with him.

The problem isn't the sleeping arrangements. It's the sonofabitch who lives in the building next door. About five feet from our back windows are the neighboring building's back windows. And in the apartment directly across from our back windows lives Mr. Gangsta Rap.


He is the kind of neighbor you wish you never have to be exposed to. The guy leaves his window open ALL THE TIME. So when he's hitting his bong and listening to foul mouthed [c]rap, I can both smell and hear the experience first hand. And when he's struck closing-time gold at the local dive bar, I get to hear his exploits with the Skank o' The Evening. He gets a call on his celly? He has the consideration to stand right up at the window to have his conversation as close to my window as possible so as to allow me to hear every word spoken.

One night, he was playing his music so loud that Boog was unable to fall asleep. I yelled out my window for him to turn it down. No response (probably because he couldn't hear me over the music). So I went over there and knocked on his door for five minutes. The coward never answered his door. He finally turned his music off and left the apartment around 10pm, and I put Boog back down in his crib where he promptly passed out. Thankfully.

I don't want Boog exposed to this foul human being, but there's nowhere to escape it unless we stay in the front room. I've considered calling the city, or the police, but I feel like there are worse issues that occupy the police department's time. Once the Boog is old enough to ask questions, I hope that this is no longer a problem.

Any advice?


Michael C said...

Having the po-lice make a few visits for a little public disturbance might not be a bad idea. After reading about what you see, smell and hear, who knows what else they may find.

Sorry you have to deal with that, especially when it starts to affect Boog's ability to sleep!

beaniesue said...

I had a neighbor who smoked so much you we called him BongFace. I called the cops on him after he banged on my door at 2am asking for chips. It only took the cops visiting twice before he got evicted.

By the way, don't know if you'll remember me - I was writing under Disgruntled Owl on here before from NaBloPoMo in years past and I still read your blog :)

Eva said...

I'm going to call the "po-lice" next time this happens. thanks, guys!

And beaniesue: I'm so glad you de-lurked! I visit Disgruntled Owl occasionally to see if you've posted, which you haven't done - I guess since you have a new blog elsewhere! I'll update my blogroll or whatever that list thingie is called. :)

TroyBoy said...

Um, what about the property manager? Of course, you may want to be clever how to call whomever you want to call. You don't want the guy thinking it's you that ratted him out to the Five-O.

TroyBoy said...

Um, Hello?

Where are M, N, and O?

Eva said...

Sheesh, troy. So bossy. Very well. I'll work on it right now. :)