02 May 2008

K is for Kodak Moment

I was looking at my profile picture and decided it's time for a change. That picture is from, like, FIVE years ago. But then I thought, it's actually a rather goofy picture, but nobody can tell because I cropped the hell out of it. A friend of mine up in Calgary asked me what I am doing in the photo, and I explained that I was rocking out next to my friend KCMO, who dj's at home for fun. And then I thought, well I'll just send her the whole picture so she can see herself.

So I think I'll keep the profile pic as is, and share the whole picture with you guys!

I guess this post stems from my feeling self-conscious about joking that I was an exotic dancer in my profile, and now wondering if that was a stupid idea. I'm not an exotic dancer, I'm an accountant. But that isn't quite as intriguing, somehow. Unless you think number crunching is hot.


Michael C said...

Number crunching mystifies me. But then I have a certifiable learning disability in math and can't understand how anyone can successfully deal with numbers and digits and stuff...

Thanks for next week's post title!!

sari said...

I think that's cute!!