29 April 2008

I is for Incredibly Cute

I know, I know. The whole letters thing is getting tiresome. But I really can't stop now, can I? I mean, how big of a loser would I be if I just stopped at "H"? And it's kind of helpful to me to just think of some word that starts with the letter of the post and go from there. Who knows where these letters can take you? Am I right ladies?

Aaaaaanyhoo. Boog got a little robe for his birthday and asked to wear it after his bath last week. Once I got it all situated on him, I remarked at how dashing he looked in his big boy robe. He said, "Picture?" But of course, my sweet boy!

Every night since then, after his bath, he has requested His Robe, and subsequently announces his approval of a photo op. I comply.

On a completely different note - after watching Jason Castro perform "Forever in Blue Jeans" tonight on American Idol, I was reminded of my gross misinterpretation in the past of the lyrics of the song:

Money talks
But it don't sing and dance
And it don't walk
And long as I can have you
Here with me, I'd much rather be
Reverend Blue Jeans

Do you have any amusing misheard lyrics you'd like to share?


Matt said...

No misheard lyrics lately, but your whole letters for titles thing reminded me of an episode of Golden Girls. The girls were on a road trip and Rose was singing 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. She got all the way to two when they were walking in the front door, and just ended and went to bed.

So, keep up those letters!

Michael C said...

There's always CCR's 'Bathroom on the right' instead of 'bad moon on the rise.'

The robe is very cool! My twins use duck robes completely with hood and duck bill.

sari said...

I like the picture. Look at him just standing there like a big boy!

i have many lyrics, but frankly I can't remember any right now.

TroyBoy said...

So you AND Hilda knew it as Reverend Blue Jeans. Too funny. I always thought it was River of Blue Jeans.

There's a line a Billy Joel song that says "Accept that you're for real"...I always thought it was, "Accept that junk for real".

Skeeter said...

Yes, please! Keep up your letters postings. They're fun and you write them so well. Great pictures too. He's having a blast with that robe you can tell.

Did anyone else think that it was a massive overshare of information when Jimi Hendrix sang "'scuse me while I kiss this guy"? Imagine the disappointment when I discovered that Purple Haze was about something else entirely ...