02 March 2008


My best friend from high school dropped by today. She and her husband finally sold their house after reducing the price THREE TIMES. After hearing this wonderful news last week, I immediately offered the use of my moving boxes and packing paper.

You see, I save my moving boxes in the event that I have to move yet again for some inane reason. Every time I finish unpacking from a move, I VOW to not budge for at least five years. This was the vow that I made in January 2007 when we made the trek from Northern CA down here to SoCal permanently. Then in October this pesky thing happened where I left my husband and needed to find new digs for me and the Boog.

So here I am, happily ensconced in a cozy apartment near my parents and brother, with all my boxes neatly stacked flat in my storage cabinet, when lo and behold! A friend in need of boxes! I was quick to pimp out mine.

So in the course of her visit, we transferred the boxes in to her car and I invited her up to my place to have a look-see and to show her my recent find while I unpacked my things back in January: Her notes written to me during our junior and senior years of high school. For reasons unknown to me now, possibly due to underage alcohol consumption and subsequent memory loss, we spoke in strange, 80s slang - often adding the suffix "-age" to arbitrary words. Here are a few items that got some laughs this afternoon:

1. Rad
2. Lustage
3. Mow (this was slang for chowing down)
4. Faaaaaaa (alternate use of the "F" word)
5. Scope out
6. Scam (make out with someone)
7. Plannage
8. Excerpt from a note: "Yesterday at about 3:30 I was going to go to Penguin's [frozen yogurt shop] at the Los Altos Ctr. but guess what? My s**t-brained mom forgot me. I was in the bathroom for like two minutes and I come out to find that her and my sister took off without me. Makes me feel real good. S**t! What a way to start off the f***ing week." [Has anyone seen Sixteen Candles? That was her life.]
9. A post-script from another note, written in History class: "P.S. Someone wants to know if you're horny."

Good times.


sari said...

One of my sisters worked at a Penguins! Crazy!

Like, I am so sure!

TroyBoy said...

What? No check boxes on the note. Amateurs! :-)