01 March 2008

Top Ten Unintelligible Boog Words

[as translated by Mama]

1. A-buzz? (Translation: Can I watch Buzz Lightyear on TV, please?)
2. A-sauce? (Can I have some apple sauce?)
3. Ought-daw? (Can I have a hot dog?)
4. OOOOS? (Will you help me put my shoes on?)
5. A-dough? (Are we taking the stroller on our walk?)
6. A-mas? (Can we watch Thomas and Friends now?)
7. Buck-eee? (Can we go to Mormor's house (my mom) and ride my tricycle?)
8. Bella? (I miss my girlfriend Bella at daycare. Are we going there right now?)
9. A-buzz? (Can I watch Buzz Lightyear AGAIN?)
10. A-buzz? (I have never seen this movie Toy Story II that you have sitting on the shelf with the other movies. Could we see that, possibly? This would be my very first viewing!)

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Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I love, love, love these. Very sweet.