05 March 2008

So Much for That Day

1. I stayed home with a sick little Boog today. We went to the doctor's to make sure it wasn't anything serious and guess what? He's got an ear infection in both ears! Which means I'm home with him for the rest of the week, I'm guessing. Oh well.

2. I stopped by the office to pick up a billion files to work on from home. Because Hooray! I can still work even if I'm at home! Please do not misconstrue the last two sentences as anything but sarcasm.

3. On a nicer note, my Dad took me out on a date tonight. We went to a posh joint called The Madison and enjoyed a leisurely dining experience, complete with cocktails, appetizers, delicious entrees, expensive wine and dessert! My brother watched the Boog. I have a nice buzz now, and am retiring for the night. I realize that technically this post is not a list, and therefore not in compliance with MarBloPoMo's posting requirements. So I'm just going to stick numbers in front of each paragraph. So there!



sasha said...

Yippee! I'm glad you're back!

I hope your return to Corporate America does not involve shaving.

sari said...

I'm so glad you're posting again, I've missed you!

Patti said...

Hi Eva,
Here from Sari's. How does baby skin taste?

Eva said...

Hi Sasha! Glad to be back! When are you going to post stuff again? I miss you!

Hi Sari! Thanks for the sweet post and the new visitors you've sent my way! I'll try to stay interesting.

Hello Patti! Baby skin tastes sweet, like angel food cake, but chewier. Unless you saute it in butter, in which case it has a savory flavor.