03 March 2008


I recall someone blogging about the contents of their purse a while back. Considering that this requires no thought on my part, I will list the contents of mine:

1. Cell phone
2. Planner
3. Checkbook
4. Wallet with $11 in it
5. Address book
6. Free pass to the Long Beach Aquarium
7. Badtz Maru business card holder
8. Portable pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
9. Title for my VW Golf (DMV visit tomorrow)
10. Eyeglass prescription slip
11. 3 pens
12. "Wallet size" flashlight
13. ziplok sandwich bag with leftover sesame seeds from bagel
14. cross-stitched pig from xmas card from my aunt in Sweden
15. Hershey's kiss wrapper
16. Near-empty box of Tic-Tacs, freshmint flavor
17. broken keychain with tiny framed picture of newborn Boog
18. travel toothbrush and toothpaste
19. Benefit "You Rebel" tinted moisturizer
20. barrette
21. Benefit "Bad Gal Lash" mascara
22. 2 tubes of Blistex
23. comb
24. safety pin
25. Estee Lauder eye shadow that my mom got free with purchase
26. 3 ob's
27. blister pack of Tylenol Sinus Congestion and Pain ("Severe"!)
28. 2 Hall's mentholyptus cough drops
29. random post-it that says "#6 Vacant" that I pulled off the inside wall of my new apartment's mailbox
30. 2 hair bands (for ponytails, not Poison et. al.)
31. Nail clippers

...Christ, I have a lot of shit in my bag. This reminds me of Ally Sheedy's big Oscar moment in The Breakfast Club where she dumps her contents of her purse on the floor.

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sari said...

Benefit has some good stuff, don't they?