04 March 2008

Bad Mommy List

I found out today that Pink Eye is going around amongst daycare kids at the moment. Pink eye! Yikes. If Robby so much as rubs his eye, he's bound to be kicked out. Here's why this would not be good:

1. My mom is in Sweden right now, having surprised her sister at her birthday party. She is my backup "daycare" for when Robby isn't allowed there, or on any of the three gazillion holidays that they close for. No mom = no backup.
2. I already stayed home with him two weeks ago, when he was still runny nosed, and i wasn't feeling so hot either come to think about it.
3. I am too busy with work this week to take a day away from the office to care for my own flesh and blood.

...now I'm just feeling too awful - what horrible thoughts to have in my head! My poor kid!

This reminds me of how self-righteous I was as an at-home mom, never understanding how women could leave their babies all day and go work somewhere if they didn't need to. Away from their babies. I'm an asshole for thinking there is anything bad about that.

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