12 March 2008

Random Memory

I lived in Saudi Arabia from 1979 until 1984 with my family. Traveling between Jeddah (the city where the international airport was located) and Yanbu (where we lived) involved a 350 kilometer drive north on a very boring road through the desert. It was not uncommon to see roadkill off to the side. What sort of roadkill does one see in Saudi Arabia? Camels. I'll leave the imagery to you.

11 March 2008

Star Struck

While I was at work today, a new co-worker was name-dropping some stupid celebrity into an anecdote. I really REALLY dislike name-dropping. So being the hypocrite that I am, here is a list of all famous people I have met, in chronological order:

1. Billy Barty - I think I was about 7 or 8 when I met this little star. He was at a fair or something, and I was taller than him. I was a fan of his work as Sigmund Ooze on Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

2. Dudley Moore - During the summer between my junior and senior years at high school, I worked at Knott's Berry Farm, in a toy store at the entrance to Camp Snoopy, which is the kid's part of the park. On occasion, I was scheduled to be outside, handing out quarters to guests that wanted to operate the remote control boats in a pond by the train station. It was a great job. One day, I was manning the remote control boat attraction, and a co-worker came to relieve me so that I could take my lunch break. I went to the nearest employee break room and sat down with my lunch. In walks Dudley Moore with two other people. I guess he wanted to rest for a bit somewhere quiet and private. He shook my hand and gave me his autograph on my paper lunch bag. I still have it.

3. Steven Spielberg - Remember that movie Back to the Future? Mr. Spielberg produced it! I was wandering around at the mall one afternoon and someone with a clipboard corralled me into talking to them. Well guess what? He gave me a pair of tickets to a test screening of a new movie with Michael J. Fox! The movie was so "test-y" that the cutting-edge special effects weren't even completed. At the end of the screening, we filled out little opinion cards and filed out of the theater. And there in the lobby, looking very unassuming with his baseball cap on, was Steven. Nobody even noticed him! Well I DID! I went up, shook his hand, told him I loved his movies and asked for his autograph. I still have it! You can tell that the pen didn't quite work, because after starting the first "S" the ink didn't perform, so he re-traced his steps and started the "S" all over again.

4. Some forgettable doctor hunk from General Hospital - after writing "forgettable" I felt a need to honor his memory by figuring out who played this guy. All I can remember is that he was on GH around 1988-ish and his name was Dr. Tom Somethingorother. So I let my Googles do the walking and found David Wallace, who played Dr. Tom Hardy during that period. He looks like this:

On my 19th birthday (I think) my parents took me to my favorite restaurant in my hometown of Los Alamitos, the Fish Company, and Dr. Tom was sitting with his family celebrating HIS birthday! I got him to autograph a menu for me. He was very nice about a giggly teenager bothering him during a meal with his family.

5. John Popper - I was a college student at Cal Poly Pomona in the early nineties, and a part of a close-knit group of friends that went to a bazillion concerts: Blues Traveler, Grateful Dead, Phish, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, and festival after festival. One weekend, we all made the trek up to Ventura to see Blues Traveler. While we were loitering outside the theater, a van pulls up to the front and parks. I'm about six feet away from John Popper. He had recently been in a motorcycle accident and was in a wheelchair. Poor guy was trapped in the van until someone could unload him, so here comes obnoxious me, falling all over myself to gush up close. I love this band, people. This was a highlight in my book of memories. He smiled as I blabbed on and on about the same junk everyone probably blabs about around him.

6. Warren Haynes - When I moved to San Francisco, a co-worker of mine got us backstage passes to the 10th Annual Bridge School Benefit in 1996. Are you freakin' kidding me with this, you say? I would not kid about that. He was close friends with the bassist of Crazy Horse. So we're hanging out backstage trying very hard to look cool, and I see Mr. Haynes (guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule) standing a short distance away. I had decided at the beginning of the night that I would not shy away from approaching anyone, so I walked over, introduced myself and we made small talk for a couple minutes. Before I had time to look stupid, someone else grabbed his attention. Mission accomplished!

7. David Bowie - The night backstage at the Bridge School Benefit was filled with OMG's and Holy Crap that's ____! My friend almost peed in his pants when we saw David Bowie. So I pushed him over there so that we could shake his hand and express our gratitude for his music. Awesome.

8. Eddie Vedder - I don't know if it's uncool to like Pearl Jam still, but I do. That night I also got to meet Eddie, who is unbelievably sexy up close! He was also very down to earth and soft spoken - a surprise shift from his larger-than-life stage presence.

9. Neil Young - So the benefit show comes to a close and my friend and I dawdle backstage, milking it for all it's worth. He is waiting for his friend Billy Talbot to come and get us to give us a ride back home, but not until he has introduced us to Neil. Billy comes out of his dressing room and pulls us into another room where Neil is sitting at a table with some other people just hanging out. He shakes my hand as Billy introduces us, I tell him the show was fantastic and what a great venue for a fund raiser. He thanks me and at my request, signs a CD I brought with me. Flying high on the rush of the night, my friend and I ride home in Billy's car with his wife. Wow.

I gave the CD to my mom for Christmas that year - she's a huge fan.

09 March 2008

23 months old on Thursday

I can't believe my little Boog is becoming such a big boy! Nothing slaps Time in the face quite like a growing child. Who wants to take a bite?

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

So I got the flu for the second time in two weeks - so says my doctor. I told her she doesn't know what she's talking about, because of course I have extensive medical training. Well, I'm feeling better now, and now? I must blog.

I've obviously blown the MarBloPoMo deal but I'll jump back on and try to keep the daily habit going.

I mentioned earlier that I left my husband back in October. He is now living about 30 minutes south of me. After picking up the Boog from his apartment today after his weekend visitation, I called him to talk about some custody formalities. He is apparently reading these posts that I write. This feels oddly invasive, which is ridiculous since it's a public weblog and available to anyone with and Internet connection. Do I have to edit my thoughts now? Where's the fun in that?

The immediate issue from this revelation is my mention of having "a nice buzz" last week after my date with my dad. He has decided that this indicates that I might have a drinking problem. This offends me. When he and I got together back in 2004, I gave up alcohol in a display of support for him. He has a history of alcoholism, and to make things easier for him, I thought it would be great to just not have it around. Right? It was an easy gesture that I was happy to make. Now that we are no longer together, the deal is off. I am back to drinking a glass of wine at dinner once a week. If that. And here I am defending myself. Why? Because now I worry that this mention of being buzzed is going to bite me in the ass during our day in court when we argue about custody arrangements.

So I want to pose the questions to my reader (or readers if anyone besides Meigan is reading this, hee hee): Should I edit what I write here? Should I close the blog to the public and just invite people in? And most important of all: Paper or plastic? (Sasha needs not respond to that last one)

05 March 2008

So Much for That Day

1. I stayed home with a sick little Boog today. We went to the doctor's to make sure it wasn't anything serious and guess what? He's got an ear infection in both ears! Which means I'm home with him for the rest of the week, I'm guessing. Oh well.

2. I stopped by the office to pick up a billion files to work on from home. Because Hooray! I can still work even if I'm at home! Please do not misconstrue the last two sentences as anything but sarcasm.

3. On a nicer note, my Dad took me out on a date tonight. We went to a posh joint called The Madison and enjoyed a leisurely dining experience, complete with cocktails, appetizers, delicious entrees, expensive wine and dessert! My brother watched the Boog. I have a nice buzz now, and am retiring for the night. I realize that technically this post is not a list, and therefore not in compliance with MarBloPoMo's posting requirements. So I'm just going to stick numbers in front of each paragraph. So there!


04 March 2008

Bad Mommy List

I found out today that Pink Eye is going around amongst daycare kids at the moment. Pink eye! Yikes. If Robby so much as rubs his eye, he's bound to be kicked out. Here's why this would not be good:

1. My mom is in Sweden right now, having surprised her sister at her birthday party. She is my backup "daycare" for when Robby isn't allowed there, or on any of the three gazillion holidays that they close for. No mom = no backup.
2. I already stayed home with him two weeks ago, when he was still runny nosed, and i wasn't feeling so hot either come to think about it.
3. I am too busy with work this week to take a day away from the office to care for my own flesh and blood.

...now I'm just feeling too awful - what horrible thoughts to have in my head! My poor kid!

This reminds me of how self-righteous I was as an at-home mom, never understanding how women could leave their babies all day and go work somewhere if they didn't need to. Away from their babies. I'm an asshole for thinking there is anything bad about that.

03 March 2008


I recall someone blogging about the contents of their purse a while back. Considering that this requires no thought on my part, I will list the contents of mine:

1. Cell phone
2. Planner
3. Checkbook
4. Wallet with $11 in it
5. Address book
6. Free pass to the Long Beach Aquarium
7. Badtz Maru business card holder
8. Portable pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
9. Title for my VW Golf (DMV visit tomorrow)
10. Eyeglass prescription slip
11. 3 pens
12. "Wallet size" flashlight
13. ziplok sandwich bag with leftover sesame seeds from bagel
14. cross-stitched pig from xmas card from my aunt in Sweden
15. Hershey's kiss wrapper
16. Near-empty box of Tic-Tacs, freshmint flavor
17. broken keychain with tiny framed picture of newborn Boog
18. travel toothbrush and toothpaste
19. Benefit "You Rebel" tinted moisturizer
20. barrette
21. Benefit "Bad Gal Lash" mascara
22. 2 tubes of Blistex
23. comb
24. safety pin
25. Estee Lauder eye shadow that my mom got free with purchase
26. 3 ob's
27. blister pack of Tylenol Sinus Congestion and Pain ("Severe"!)
28. 2 Hall's mentholyptus cough drops
29. random post-it that says "#6 Vacant" that I pulled off the inside wall of my new apartment's mailbox
30. 2 hair bands (for ponytails, not Poison et. al.)
31. Nail clippers

...Christ, I have a lot of shit in my bag. This reminds me of Ally Sheedy's big Oscar moment in The Breakfast Club where she dumps her contents of her purse on the floor.

02 March 2008


My best friend from high school dropped by today. She and her husband finally sold their house after reducing the price THREE TIMES. After hearing this wonderful news last week, I immediately offered the use of my moving boxes and packing paper.

You see, I save my moving boxes in the event that I have to move yet again for some inane reason. Every time I finish unpacking from a move, I VOW to not budge for at least five years. This was the vow that I made in January 2007 when we made the trek from Northern CA down here to SoCal permanently. Then in October this pesky thing happened where I left my husband and needed to find new digs for me and the Boog.

So here I am, happily ensconced in a cozy apartment near my parents and brother, with all my boxes neatly stacked flat in my storage cabinet, when lo and behold! A friend in need of boxes! I was quick to pimp out mine.

So in the course of her visit, we transferred the boxes in to her car and I invited her up to my place to have a look-see and to show her my recent find while I unpacked my things back in January: Her notes written to me during our junior and senior years of high school. For reasons unknown to me now, possibly due to underage alcohol consumption and subsequent memory loss, we spoke in strange, 80s slang - often adding the suffix "-age" to arbitrary words. Here are a few items that got some laughs this afternoon:

1. Rad
2. Lustage
3. Mow (this was slang for chowing down)
4. Faaaaaaa (alternate use of the "F" word)
5. Scope out
6. Scam (make out with someone)
7. Plannage
8. Excerpt from a note: "Yesterday at about 3:30 I was going to go to Penguin's [frozen yogurt shop] at the Los Altos Ctr. but guess what? My s**t-brained mom forgot me. I was in the bathroom for like two minutes and I come out to find that her and my sister took off without me. Makes me feel real good. S**t! What a way to start off the f***ing week." [Has anyone seen Sixteen Candles? That was her life.]
9. A post-script from another note, written in History class: "P.S. Someone wants to know if you're horny."

Good times.

01 March 2008

Top Ten Unintelligible Boog Words

[as translated by Mama]

1. A-buzz? (Translation: Can I watch Buzz Lightyear on TV, please?)
2. A-sauce? (Can I have some apple sauce?)
3. Ought-daw? (Can I have a hot dog?)
4. OOOOS? (Will you help me put my shoes on?)
5. A-dough? (Are we taking the stroller on our walk?)
6. A-mas? (Can we watch Thomas and Friends now?)
7. Buck-eee? (Can we go to Mormor's house (my mom) and ride my tricycle?)
8. Bella? (I miss my girlfriend Bella at daycare. Are we going there right now?)
9. A-buzz? (Can I watch Buzz Lightyear AGAIN?)
10. A-buzz? (I have never seen this movie Toy Story II that you have sitting on the shelf with the other movies. Could we see that, possibly? This would be my very first viewing!)