02 October 2007

Mah Berfday

Today I turned 38. How did this happen? Where did 31 - 37 go? I remember turning 30, obviously. That's a biggun'.

My dutiful husband sent me to a day spa for the afternoon. He started doing that two years ago for my birthday and I told him there would never, ever be a need for any other type of gift. Never would he have to be at a loss as to what I would want. Ever! Yay for day spas!

After being treated like royalty for five hours, I came home to a small surprise party! Somehow, Rob was able to keep a secret for a whole week and not tell me what he was up to. Our parents were there, and my brother and his girlfriend. And Mr. Boog of course! It was so nice to spend an evening with a bunch of people that I love.

I am so relaxed and happy. What a great way to end a birthday. :)


sasha said...

Happy Birthday!

Oooh, I love me some day spa.

sari said...

Happy (late) Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day!

38, pshh! You're a baby. ;-)

I have you by three years.

You'll have to post some pictures!