31 July 2007

All The World's A Stage

A couple of months ago, Rob came home from work with the usual handful of anecdotes to share. One of the project managers on a job had received a pair of tickets to a concert. It turns out that Rob's Big Boss has some contact in the ticket business, and can get great seats to any show you want. And he gets tickets for the occasional employee in recognition of a job well done. Since Rob overheard all of this, his boss must have felt obligated to extend the offer to Rob as well; to get tickets for him to a concert of his choice.

Rob relays this story to me and I could tell we're both thinking the same thing: RUSH! Their tour this summer would be heading this way and there is no chance we would be missing out on that. He decided to ask his boss for four tickets, so that we could take our friends along, who are also fans. He asked. Time passed. More time passed. I asked Rob about it. He didn't know anything yet. His boss assured him he was on it.

The concert date was looming. I bugged Rob for something concrete. He emailed the boss. Turned out that the ticket guy was in Hawaii but had assured him that it was a go. A little over a week before the concert, Rob called me from work. The boss came through! Four tickets, fourth row! The tickets were waiting for him on his desk a little later. Well, it turned out that it was actually twelfth row, but seriously. Who cares? Free tickets are the best seats in the house, as far as I'm concerned.

The day of the show, Rob went in to work super early so that he could leave early. We all met up at another friend's house in order to carpool down to San Diego.

The seats were fantastic. The show was amazing and we all had an incredible time. There weren't enough superlatives in the English language to accommodate our enthusiasm.

We got home at 1:30a.m. (AM, people! Woo! Can we party or WHAT?) and collapsed. We were zombies the next day. Fatigue has never been more worth it.

11 July 2007

I Have the Giggles BIG TIME

You know how sometimes you get the giggles and you CANNOT STOP? And the more time passes, the worse it gets? Like you start tearing up, and then crying/giggling? And to any witnesses, you look like you've totally crossed the line into "lobotomy candidate"? That was me just now, reading this.

09 July 2007

For Meigan

Hi Meigan! I miss you and I know this will make you laugh hysterically.

04 July 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We had a busy day, beginning with a morning at Salt Creek Park by the ocean with our friends and their son, who is Boog's age. Then naps all around, grocery shopping at a surprisingly empty store (!), and hamburgers at our place with the same friends from earlier in the day. The boys played hard all afternoon and into the evening. Seriously tuckered out and down for the count. We can see the fireworks along the coast from our living room window right now!

This picture was taken in the car seat last weekend, but apropos for today's occasion. Hope you all enjoyed your day!