22 June 2007

Enter the Toddler

Yesterday, Boog and I had some snags in our schedule. After a leisurely early morning of playing in the apartment, I took him for a walk a little too late, and he fell asleep in the stroller. I know that most of you would say, "Hey, great!", but I had no intention of walking around for a two hour nap as the temperature climbed past 85. Go ahead and call me a wimp.

Miraculously, I transferred him to the car seat, still asleep. The transfer from car to crib was not so miraculous. But I left him in the crib with his bottle and took a shower. Later, I heard my cell phone beeping that there was a voice mail. I had forgotten to take it on the walk. I looked for ten minutes for the phone, with no luck. I recalled that Boog had been playing with it earlier, and thought he might have hidden it in the bookshelf or something. I called it from the home phone. I knew that it was set to super-low volume (for naptimes) and had a hard time locating the ringing. I finally walked past the dining room table and heard a faint ringing. Into the kitchen, and the sound disappeared. Zeroing in took some doing, but I finally stopped in front of the kitchen trash can, figuring he'd dropped the phone behind it. Nope, not there. I lifted the lid. Louder ringing.

Boog dropped my phone in the trash. Nice one!

Then. THEN! He has a nasty bit of diaper rash on his tush, right by where the elastic on the diaper sits against the skin. After changing his post-breakfast diaper, I let him run around nekkid for a bit to air out. Not two minutes into his streaking escapade does he whizz on the carpet next to his little piano. The kicker was that he noticed the sound on the carpet that it was making, and looked down in complete and utter awe of what he was accomplishing. Absolutely priceless.


sari said...

It sure is funny when they start noticing everything around them, isn't it?

glad you found your phone! once my keys fell off my desk at work into the trash, ever since then, I always check the trash for things I can't find!

Eva said...

Good rule of thumb, Sari! I will be doing that in the future too!