22 June 2007

Enter the Toddler

Yesterday, Boog and I had some snags in our schedule. After a leisurely early morning of playing in the apartment, I took him for a walk a little too late, and he fell asleep in the stroller. I know that most of you would say, "Hey, great!", but I had no intention of walking around for a two hour nap as the temperature climbed past 85. Go ahead and call me a wimp.

Miraculously, I transferred him to the car seat, still asleep. The transfer from car to crib was not so miraculous. But I left him in the crib with his bottle and took a shower. Later, I heard my cell phone beeping that there was a voice mail. I had forgotten to take it on the walk. I looked for ten minutes for the phone, with no luck. I recalled that Boog had been playing with it earlier, and thought he might have hidden it in the bookshelf or something. I called it from the home phone. I knew that it was set to super-low volume (for naptimes) and had a hard time locating the ringing. I finally walked past the dining room table and heard a faint ringing. Into the kitchen, and the sound disappeared. Zeroing in took some doing, but I finally stopped in front of the kitchen trash can, figuring he'd dropped the phone behind it. Nope, not there. I lifted the lid. Louder ringing.

Boog dropped my phone in the trash. Nice one!

Then. THEN! He has a nasty bit of diaper rash on his tush, right by where the elastic on the diaper sits against the skin. After changing his post-breakfast diaper, I let him run around nekkid for a bit to air out. Not two minutes into his streaking escapade does he whizz on the carpet next to his little piano. The kicker was that he noticed the sound on the carpet that it was making, and looked down in complete and utter awe of what he was accomplishing. Absolutely priceless.

17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day, Honey

It's been amazing to watch you become the father you've always wanted to be. And what a wonderful father you are. I love you, Rob!

16 June 2007

Um...Sliced Bread?

Overheard by woman sitting in massage chair (with calf massager attachment) at Linens -n- Things:

"Oooooohhhh, this is better than..."

15 June 2007


14 June 2007

So adorable

My niece calls it a "glove department" instead of a glove compartment. I always want to hug her when she says that, for putting such a large smile on my face.

11 June 2007

Evening Stroll

The three of us went for a walk across the street from our apartment yesterday evening. I totally love where we live.

10 June 2007


I'm feeling almost all better. I think it turned out to just be a nasty head cold, but DAMN was it a big thorn in my side.

All I can say is that hubbies are awesome and they take care of Boogs when you're sick so that you can sleep in and have breakfast waiting when you wake up and not feel like you have to do anything but get better.

I love my hubby.

09 June 2007

08 June 2007


I think I have strep throat. Or something equally vile. I can barely lift my head off the pillow, much less entertain and change diapers of a thirteen month old. Ugh. I hatehatehate being sick. It's so inconvenient.

Boog is down for a nap and so am I. Night night.

05 June 2007



We're back from our trip to the Bay Area. Lots of fun to be had, I tell you what. And Boog could not have been better on the plane rides up and back. I'm so proud of that little dude.

Our main reason for the trip was to celebrate the first birthdays of all the babies in my old mom's group. I missed them all so much. And the babies are all so HUGE. It's been almost a year since we started the group, all neurotic and sleep-deprived first-time moms. I don't know what I would have done without them.

The Daddies were all there too!

Then we went to visit our old neighbor Sally and her wonderdog Lola. Boog LOVES Sally and Lola. Especially Lola.

The beautiful Meigan allowed us to stay with her and her little boog-ette, Nana, on Saturday night. We ate Indian food from the bestest Indian food place this side of the Mississippi. As I fed Boog his dinner, I spilled some pear puree on the table, to which Nana exclaimed "EWWWWW!" and ran squealing behind Mom's chair. So I wiped it up and started taunting her with the pear-soaked napkin. "EWWWW!" and more hiding. A couple of repetitions and I figured that one had run its course. Nope! Nana inches over towards me and says, "Touch me with the pears!" Has that combination of words ever been uttered in the history of words? I love that kid so much.

And then the power went out! There was no TV! What to do, WHAT TO DO??? Oh yes, that's right, we can "converse" and light candles. And of course French-braid some hair. We stopped short of "light as a feather, stiff as a board". And since the freezer was without power, I refrained from freezing Meigan's bra. Nana continued to delight me with more of her shenanigans. After doing a certain something that she refers to as "pooting", she would run up to me and say "Auntie Eva, I stink! Smell me!" It was my turn to say "EW."

We had a delicious breakfast at Fat Apple's the next morning.

My old friends Casey, Denise and their gorgeous son joined us. Such great friends to get up so early on a Sunday morning for us. I love them dearly and miss them so freakin' much. Denise is an awesome mom. We bonded like super-glue during our pregnancies.

Their son is almost three. Here he is sneaking some vodka that we had ordered with our pancakes.

Oh relax, I'm just kidding. He and Nana became fast friends. How cute are they?

Then Nana pooted again.

We made it outside after breakfast in the nick of time. Boog burst out of Casey's chest and ran off to lay more alien boog eggs.

I don't know how this post evolved into silliness, but rest assured it only means that I am in a terrific mood this week and it is all because of time well spent with people I love. I'm so glad we went.

Unexpected joy

This morning, I was driving to the bank with Boog. I turned a corner and caught a glimpse of some movement ahead on my left, just next to the median in the road.

It was a mommy duck and about eight tiny ducklings. I stopped the car and turned on my hazard lights, hoping to God that nobody would be paying more attention to the person on their cell phone than to driving their car. Everyone stopped, and in slow motion, the little duck family waddled across the street to safety.

The beauty of it brought me to tears.

Next stop: Science Camp

Our bank had a promotion for their customers last month, where we could go to some select museums for free when we showed our ATM card at the ticket window. So on Memorial Day, we went to the Discovery Science Museum! We're geeky like that.

There was a special exhibit about the body with a Sesame Street theme. I thought this random prop was kind of cute:

And what would a kid-centric museum be without a bunch of dinosaur stuff???

And the slide carved out of a dinosaur's tail.

We had a good time, doing the thing I treasure most about my life right now: spending time as a family.

01 June 2007


We're heading back up to Northern California for the weekend to visit old friends and mainly to celebrate our Boog's first birthday with all his buddies from my mom's group. It will be our first trip by plane since he was a tiny lump of chubb. I hope he doesn't scream the whole way up.

Cross your fingers for me?