24 May 2007

Here comes Pat!

It was bound to happen...

The other day, my friend Dawn and I met at the mall to let our little dudes (both boys, for those of you who are new to my site) run around in the enclosed carpeted play area for a while. This is how Boog was dressed:

Woman #1: "Oh, how cute! How old is she?"

Me: "13 months." Why bother correcting a stranger, right?

We decide to get smoothies, so we pack our guys into the strollers and head for Jamba Juice.

Woman #2: "Just look at those curls!!! What's her name?"

Me: "[a total boy's name, like Michael]"

Woman #2: "Well, she is just too precious."

Me: "Thanks!" Um, didn't I basically just tell you he's a boy?

We cruise around the mall, stopping in at the toy store to let the boys play at the train table. Boog interacts briefly with a little girl, a little older than him:

Woman #3: "Awww, they look about the same age. How old is your daughter? Mine is 15 months."

Me: [tired of humoring strangers] "He's thirteen months."

Woman #3: "OH! I'm so sorry. He looks like a girl."

I am torn between keeping his beautiful curls, or cutting them off to avoid such encounters in the future. As I typed that last sentence, I asked myself how in the world I could even consider option #2. Who gives a crap what total strangers think?!?!?!

I just answered my own question. Don't you love when that happens? Thanks, Blogger!


sari said...

Don't cut his hair!! He's cute.

Eight had curly hair too and once we cut it (when he was almost two) it didn't come back so curly again, though he does like it longer now and it gets wavy when it grows out.

sasha said...

He is totally pretty, though. Everyone thought Joey was a girl, even though he was bald. Sam...No Way. Anyway, you'll bawl when you cut those curls!

And hey - what are you doing in NorCal this weekend!?!?! We're finally down here!