16 May 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today, my dad turned 76. While he has slowed down a bit in his old age, he still amazes me with his strength. And still stubborn as a mule. And the biggest softie when it comes to his grandson. I love you Dad!

In other news, I got a new camera today! We came into a little extra money, and I took the opportunity to buy the Nikon D40 that I've been coveting for months. I have always wanted to add photography to my sad little list of hobbies, and now I'm in business! I'll be posting the results of this endeavor here, so stay tuned. Here are two that I took earlier this evening, itchin' to try it out right away:

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sari said...

How fun, a new camera! I'm pathetic at hobbies myself. When I could be doing something productive, I'm playing my gameboy or doing sudoku puzzles.

Happy birthday to your dad!! (a day late, sorry!)