20 March 2007

Nana Visitor

The title of this post is me at my geekiest. It refers to my dear friend Meigan and her beautiful daughter Nana, who flew down from the Bay Area for a visit over the weekend. It also refers to an actress from Deep Space Nine. I am deeply sorry that I cannot refrain from being a nerd.


We had a terrific time, she and I and our kids. We were amused to no end when watching Nana and Boog interacting. [She's exactly two years older than him. My water broke at her birthday party last year!] Being deeply entrenched in toddlerhood, her sharing gene has yet to be activated. To add to the humor, Boog wants to be a part of EVERYTHING she is doing. This annoys her. He wants to play with whatever she's playing with, and she finds his pleads offensive. Hilarity ensues.

I had missed them both so much. Thank you, Meigan, for making the trek down here with your little bear. I love you. ITMODHFW! (Try and guess THAT one, my friend!)

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