07 March 2007

The Joys of Parenting

I had a good mommy day today. Aside from him waking up at 5:30 and not going back to sleep again, it was a perfect day. I put all housework aside and just played with him almost all day. Can I do that every day? Is that allowed?

He was super stoked to have so much of my attention. We played chase, we crawled around the whole apartment, we made block towers and knocked them down again and again. We went to our music class and sang songs and danced around. We picnicked on the grass by the ocean in Laguna Beach with my friend Dawn and his buddy, her son, JT. We went shopping - to the fabric store - which he LOVED. As I pushed him up and down the aisles of bolts of fabric, he'd extend his chubby little arm to brush his fingers on the textures as they passed. He squealed with delight when we got to the ribbon aisle. Have I told you about his ribbon fetish? He waves ribbons over his head, back and forth, streamer-style. It really is just too much for words.

But anyway, the best part of the day? When he discovered that toilet paper rolls can be unrolled:

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sari said...

I love his smiling face! He is so cute!

What a great day! I spent the afternoon doing a lot of the same with Five, we really enjoyed ourselves. It's nice to take the time to just do something together, isn't it?