11 March 2007


Three of Boog's cousins (my nieces) are visiting my in-laws (about an hour south) this week. They are six years, one year, and two months old. The oldest, "S", was supposed to spend this week (her spring break) solo with her grandma. Boy was she excited. When her mom decided that she was also coming, and bringing the other two girls, S was very upset.

I can see how that happened. She was the only child for five years, VERY close to her grandma. Then along comes "L" and she has to share the spotlight. Then another year goes by and "A" is born. She has become the "helper" now instead of the baby/center of attention. And boy did she love being the latter. And good at it! What a big personality for such a small person! She is a great kid. And in her defense, she ADORES her baby sisters.

But instead of relishing a whole week away from crying baby sisters, with Grandma's undivided attention, she found herself forced to share her visit with three other people: her mom, L, and A. Her favorite uncle (Rob) took pity on her plight and offered her some respite up here at our apartment for a sleepover.

All night tonight, from the moment we arrived home, until her bedtime, she got to be "the baby", and man did she play it up! Crawling around, talking in a baby voice, snuggling in my lap before bedtime, a story in Aunt Eva and Uncle Rob's bed. Tomorrow, she and Boog and I will be baking cookies and going swimming before her mom comes up to see our new place and pick her up.

I'm so happy that I have this enormous family on Rob's side. My immediate family is very small. Three siblings-in-law, and six nieces! And the best bonus is that my little Boog is growing up with cousins around him. It'll be fun to watch them all running around like monkeys, getting into trouble together and creating memories that they will cherish.

On another note, Boog took a couple steps this week! What a big boy! Both Rob and I were there to see it, even. Which is fantastic, considering it could have happened while he was at work, which would have totally bummed him out. So, YAY!

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