16 February 2007

Week of Longness

Rob has been out of town since Tuesday night. He had training in Provo, Utah, otherwise known as Sin City. Ha! Ha! Oh dear, my wit is just too much.

Anyhoo, it's been a long week, to say the least. Valentine's Day began with a delivery of rosey roses!


I was about to chronicle my every activity for the week when I realized that NOBODY CARES. To make it short, Boog had a cold, I got sick yesterday, my Mom came over and took the Boog out for a couple hours to let me nap, shower and eat without having to attend to His Royal Highness and His Royal Needs. Moms seem to know just what to do.

Here's mine with her grand-Boog:

He totally made her day when she came over. He sees her come in the door, squeals with delight and holds up his fat arms to indicate he'd like her to pick him up. Wrapped around his little finger, she is.

Well, Rob is due home in a couple hours and I can't wait. I miss him terribly. You know how something cool happens, or when you see something on TV or remember something funny that you want to share with your best friend? I have like 100 things to tell him about.

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sasha said...

God, that kid just keeps getting cuter!