11 February 2007

Alice Marie

We spent the weekend in Phoenix, becoming the Godparents to our newest niece, Alice Marie:

She is such a sweet little thing. It's true what "they" say about forgetting how tiny those newborns really are. She is TINY. And yet, so was the Boog when he was 4 weeks old. Alice is wearing the family Christening gown, which is making its tenth appearance in 40 years. My mother-in-law embroiders each baby's name and baptism date into the slip. And she has a framed collection of photos of each baby wearing the gown, along with a typed strip with their name and date on it. I love traditions.

And it sure was nice to hold such a tiny little human in my arms again:

The Boog thought that the ribbons on her gown were just dandy:

And it was so nice to see my sister-in-law and her family again. We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, as she was too pregnant to travel after that, and we were too busy moving south. The Boog and his cousins were busy entertaining each other constantly, which makes for peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep. Woo hoo!


sari said...

Oh my gosh! you were RIGHT BY me. But you know what? I was and totally still am sick, so I would have just contaminated the bloody life out of you if I had seen you.

Too bad though! It looks like you had a great time!

Eva said...

Sari, it took me FOREVER to figure out what the HELL you were talking about in the above comment. Until now: I finally realize that you are saying that we were super close by where you live. Duh. When you said "right by me", I was thinking of that saying that means someone is okay in your book or something. That man is right by me, i.e. he is a good guy in my opinion. So now re-read your comment and hopefully you'll understand why I was so dumbfounded. I DID NOT GET IT.