02 February 2007

This totally bugs

Friday nights at Rob and Eva's consists of the following:

(a) "Taco Friday"
(b) Putting the Boog to bed, and
(c) Settling in for a night of television viewing pleasure.

"Taco Friday" is our weekly tradition of partaking in the joy that is tacos. Rob even has a "Taco Shirt", which at the moment is "Taco Shirt II - Electric Boogaloo", since the first one was so hideous and nasty that he took pity on his wife and threw it out. Taco shirts are basically a bib with sleeves for sloppy eaters that catches all the crumbs that fall from said tacos when shoving them into one's mouth too quickly. An aside: Why is it that men cannot eat at a civilized pace? Why??? Then again, I take like an hour to finish a scoop of ice cream, so I guess Rob is the yin to my yang.

The Boog missed his afternoon nap since we were running errands, so he was out like a light by 7:30 - sweet.

I l-o-v-e LOVE watching Monk and Psych on Fridays. I was hooked on Monk a couple years back when I caught an encore episode on a Sunday afternoon where Monk subs as a baseball umpire. He stops the game to sweep dirt off of home plate and then the game comes to a grinding halt as he "details" home plate with spray-cleanser and wipes. I was in hysterics.

Okay, confession time: We are a non-TiVo family. No DVR or whatever either. We watch shows as they are aired, commercials and all. I usually have one finger on the mute button to avoid the annoying leap in volume when the sponsors have their say. If I'm distracted by my laptop, I'll miss the moment of opportunity and we end up watching the ads.

What does any of this have to do with my post's title, you ask? Okay: Is it just me, or are the Dr. Scholl's commercials THE MOST ANNOYING CRIMES AGAINST MARKETING THAT EVER VIOLATED THE SANCTITY OF TV? You know the ones: "Are you gellin'?" And then the bland actors, who are always in bland group settings, all say stuff that rhymes with "gellin'". Hey! Like Sasha's Rhyme Game! But in a totally uninteresting way that besmirches Sasha's good name. And, as if the first of this ad campaign series wasn't enough, they have built on that idea and kept it going, churning out more rhymes that make me want to dig out my eardrums with an icepick.



Hence the title of this post.


sari said...

We say totally bugs here as well.

And those ads? Yes, totally bugs me too.

sasha said...

No more rhymes now, I mean it!

Anybody want a peanut?