27 February 2007

Sundance and Scooters

I never thought I'd be joining the throngs of American Idol addicts, but it has finally roped me in. I watched two of the "audition episodes" and laughed so hard that I cried. And that does not happen enough in my life. The laughing/crying thing. I love to laugh - it's a great release and cure-all for the blues.

So anyway. American Idol. Yes. I'm watching it. And tonight? If I would spend money on a phone call to vote? I would vote for Sundance. I have a total soft spot for Mustang Sally. I have ever since I saw "The Commitments" in the theater back in the 80s. 90s? Well, it was a long-ass time ago. Sundance was awesome. And he almost lost it during the dedication to his son, talking about how the little dude has started smiling and he's missing it. Broke my heart, it did! Awwww.

On another subject altogether: Blogger has these subtle bits of humor sprinkled about its little world. You know how you can label each of your posts to categorize them? Like mine are Boog, hubby, NaBloPoMo, pouting, etc. It makes me giggle that the helpful Blogger examples for "Labels for this Post" are scooters, vacation, and fall. ....Um, scooters?????

1 comment:

sari said...

Eight and I voted for every person last night.

I know that can't work out well.