12 January 2007

A sphincter says what?

I am feeling very juvenile these days. I think it's because we've been staying with my parents for the last two weeks while we find a suitable new abode down here in SoCal. It's like I've reverted to my old teen self. Sort of. Except now I sleep on a loud squeaky sofa bed with a man instead of a twin bed with pink sheets. Oh yes, and the whole child thing too.

I've been reminiscing/remembering about those lost not-a-care-in-the-world days. One that sticks out is a night that my friend Gail and I went to a boy's house to watch a scary movie and make out with boys. She was spending the night at my house, and we broke curfew in a big way. Did I mention we partook in underage drinking? So we come back to my house, giggling like the schoolgirls that we are, fumbling with the front door lock and trying to be quiet. We close the door behind us, and like in some lesser-known John Hughes movie, a light turns on and my mom is sitting in an armchair in the front room in her robe looking livid. Oops.

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sasha said...

Isn't that when a sphincter says 'eep'?