09 January 2007

Behind the Orange Curtain Once Again!

Hello Internet and Blogging Buddies!

We are at my parents' house, living in cramped quarters while Rob starts his job and we look for a place to live. After looking at about ten places, we found a nice big condo with a view of the ocean (!) that we are moving into on Saturday. It's way bigger than our old place in the Bay Area, with lots of room for the Boog to roll around and hone his crawling skills. Yes, he just started crawling on New Year's Eve! Cool, huh?

My computer is getting a new brain, but I have hypnotized my father into buying a new iMac for himself to replace the gross Gateway bohemoth from the last millenium that infected the lives of this house with its incessant humming. Yay for new Macs! I am able to blog once again while I wait for my baby to come back to me all stitched up nice and pretty.

We are sharing a room with the Boog while we stay at my parents' house. This proves to be quite trying, to say the least. He turns nine months on Saturday, and still does NOT sleep through the night, thank you very much. Rob and I decided to throw all rules out the window while we're staying here, and little Boog ends up in bed with us around midnight every night. In our tiny double bed, fold out from the sofa, creaky noisemaker of a bed. He gets put to bed around 7:30. We go to bed around 11. We creep into the room and ever-so-quietly slink into bed....CRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! And then: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Hooray for waking up the baby! Such fun to be had when we're exhausted! And boy do I sleep like a LOG when he's in bed with us. Not.

However, it is quite nice to be sharing the care and feeding of Boog with my mom. She adores him. My dad smiles like I've never seen him smile whenever Boogie is around. They live a couple blocks from the beach, which makes our walks really loverly.

I've been so busy getting all of our services set up for our new place and reserving a moving truck to get our stuff out of storage, I forgot all about my blog. Poo on me. I wish I had the privacy to write some content a little closer to my thoughts these days, but those will have to wait until we're settled. I miss you guys. I'm off to visit my buddies-of-the-blog now to say howdy. TTFN.


sari said...

EVA! My friend! My buddy! My pal!

I'm so glad to see you! I'm so glad you're ok!
I'm so glad you're still blogging! Whew! I think I got the exclamation points out.

How cool to be near the beach! I lived in Orange County for years, I still miss being able to just jump on my bike and ride to the beach.

Glad you're back! :-)

PS Kurt! That's his name! (ha ha)

Lynanne said...

It's good to see you back! My what a busy month you've had! I hope the move goes well and that you are able to quickly (and painlessly) settle in to your new place. Oh how I'd love to live by the beach! My husband goes to LA for 3 weeks on Sunday. Just about the time we're supposed to get snow here in the Midwest. BLah

sasha said...

Woo hoo! Hey there little mama! Glad to see you're up and running again. More details about the new location? We may also be back behind the Orange Curtain soon.

sari said...

Eva, I have tagged you with The Thinking Meme. I command you to think. now.

Disgruntled Owl said...

It's good to see you posting again and I hope Marshmellow comes back safe and sound :)