28 January 2007

And we're back!

Hey! 'Sup?

Got my compooper back. The corrupt data was recovered and placed on an external drive, and a shiny new (and bigger!) hard drive has replaced the old sad broken one. YAY! I still haven't put the restored data back on here, but I've got Internet access, which of course is priority number one in this household.

So. How is everyone? I've been popping by to visit my buddies to see what they've been up to on their blogs. So busy, everyone is. I've been busy unpacking our belongings and finding a place for everything in our new pad. This place is great! We found a HUGE apartment with a view of the Pacific, halfway between my parents' house and Rob's parents' house (for convenient visits and such). And Rob only has a half hour commute, which isn't too bad when you think of things in Southern California terms.

Every morning, I wake up and go open the blinds in the living room to see the sun rising over the mountains in the east and shining down on our view of the Pacific and Dana Point. Life is good!

And! And! We just went and bought a used 4-Runner for Rob to drive. We have been sharing a car (my VW Golf) for two years! Which is okay up in the Bay Area what with the public transit system being so great there, but down here? In SoCal? Not a possibility unless I want to be trapped at the top of our hill here all day with a very curious crawling baby who needs to be out and about. So I have my car back! Woo hoo! Oh the places we'll go, me and my Boog!

We're all off to enjoy the day now. I trust everyone is enjoying their weekends?


sari said...

I have family in DP. (I lived for years in Orange County).

Maybe some time we can visit!

Enjoy the ocean breezes for me, ok?

PS Nice to see you back!

sasha said...

So busy, everyone is...

SoCal seems to be having a Yoda-riffic effect on you!

PS. We'll be having Joey's birthday party in Santa Ana on Sunday Feb 18th ...you and the Boog are invited!

Disgruntled Owl said...

I'm glad you are back - woot and whee and yea!