31 January 2007

What I Miss Most

Since moving from Northern to Southern California a month ago, I have been too busy to reflect much on sentimentality. I do, however, have a big gaping hole where a best friend used to be. My dear friend Meigan is now 400 miles away, along with her beautiful and charming daughter Nana. I miss her, although I know she's reading this. :) Hi Meigan! There's a sofa bed down here with your name on it!

This one's for you, buddy:

30 January 2007

Boog Goes to the Beach

This was taken on New Year's Day, in Long Beach near my parents' house. Boy, did he have a great time. Rob would bury the Boog's toes in the sand and then would swipe the sand away in peek-a-boo fashion, revealing the toes, causing Boog to giggle uncontrollably. The small waves that rolled in during the low tide were perfect for him to experience. He loved digging his little toes into the wet sand when he was walking around with Daddy's help.

One of those wonderful family moments that you cherish.

28 January 2007

And we're back!

Hey! 'Sup?

Got my compooper back. The corrupt data was recovered and placed on an external drive, and a shiny new (and bigger!) hard drive has replaced the old sad broken one. YAY! I still haven't put the restored data back on here, but I've got Internet access, which of course is priority number one in this household.

So. How is everyone? I've been popping by to visit my buddies to see what they've been up to on their blogs. So busy, everyone is. I've been busy unpacking our belongings and finding a place for everything in our new pad. This place is great! We found a HUGE apartment with a view of the Pacific, halfway between my parents' house and Rob's parents' house (for convenient visits and such). And Rob only has a half hour commute, which isn't too bad when you think of things in Southern California terms.

Every morning, I wake up and go open the blinds in the living room to see the sun rising over the mountains in the east and shining down on our view of the Pacific and Dana Point. Life is good!

And! And! We just went and bought a used 4-Runner for Rob to drive. We have been sharing a car (my VW Golf) for two years! Which is okay up in the Bay Area what with the public transit system being so great there, but down here? In SoCal? Not a possibility unless I want to be trapped at the top of our hill here all day with a very curious crawling baby who needs to be out and about. So I have my car back! Woo hoo! Oh the places we'll go, me and my Boog!

We're all off to enjoy the day now. I trust everyone is enjoying their weekends?

15 January 2007

Thinking makes my head hurt

Meme #2! The lovely Sari (hi Sari!) has tagged me with a meme. The Thinking Meme! Does that mean that it thinks for itself? Do I sit in a pensive manner with an elbow on my knee, resting my chin on my knuckles?


1. If you had to choose one vice in exclusion of all others, what would it be?

I'm down to few vices in my life. I quit smoking four years ago (hooray, me!) after 15 years of that nasty habit. I quit drinking two years ago with my hubby, since both of us drank enough in our twenties to last the next eighty years. So I guess I would have to say chocolate.

2. If you could change one specific thing about the world, what would it be?

People should remember to be kind and respectful to one another. That isn't happening enough these days. I've witnessed so much unnecessary anger, both in person and in the media. It saddens me. I would change that.

3. Name the cartoon character you identify with the most.

I am ashamed to say I can't think of one. I love cartoons, but at the moment not a single character comes to mind that I identify with.

4. If you could live one day of your life over again, which one would it be?

I would want to repeat the day my son was born. It was such a wonderful day, full of joy and hope and love. I relive that day over and over in my mind often, when I'm having a bad mommy day or just need an injection of happiness.

5. If you could go back in history and spend a day with one person, who would it be?

The first groups of people I thought of were famous important historical figures and celebrities. But since this is a thinking meme, I thunk some more. I would want to go back and spend a day with my old friend Curtis. He wasn't a close friend, but we spent a bit of time together through a mutual friend back in the early 90s. He was found dead in a hotel room in 1995, alone. They think he died of a drug overdose. I want to go back and spend that day with him, telling him that life is important and sometimes hard, but that people care about him and he should take good care of himself so that he is around for all those great days that are ahead.

6. What is one thing you lost, sold or threw away that you wish you had back?

This question is SO apropos to this moment in time! When I got pregnant, I was on a mission to find us a bigger place to live. Our tiny one-bedroom apartment was too small for us and a Boog. So I found a cozy two-bedroom house for rent, close to public transport and shopping. After unpacking and settling into the new place, it was soon discovered that quite a few items meant to be included in our move were instead donated to Goodwill by mistake. Most of the stuff was no big deal: a panini grill we got as a wedding gift, an indoor electric grill for steaks and fish and burgers and stuff, also a wedding gift. Some shoes. But then there was the heartbreaking realization that all of my baby silver (drinking cup, teething ring, egg cup, spoons) seemed to be missing from our boxes of things. And all the tiny ceramic collectible animals and other curios that I collected as a girl were nowhere to be found either. I cried and cried. And then I worked very hard for months to move past it and try to forget about the loss. It was hard, and every so often I would think about those irreplaceable things that I would no longer be able to look at and hold. And I told myself they were just things. Just things. Fourteen months later, I was packing for another move. A box of picture frames that I saved but never used sat in our living room closet on the floor. I pulled it out and emptied it out, one frame at a time, seeing if anything could be parted with to lighten our load. I get to the bottom of the box and I see small balls of newspaper, protecting small, fragile things. My breath caught in my throat as I unwrapped one of the paper balls and saw my silver teething ring. I am telling you, readers, IT MADE THE CHORE OF PACKING UP THE HOUSE WORTHWHILE! WOOHOO!

7. What is your one most important contribution to this world?

I contributed an egg to help create a miraculous little human, namely Mr. Boog, and I know the world will benefit greatly from this contribution.

8. What is your one hidden talent that nearly no one knows about?

I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. I know this is supposed to be a sexy parlor trick, but the fact that my dad taught me how negates that. I can also sing along with Mariah Carey's first two albums, word for word, note for note. Except those crazy glass shattering high notes. This talent is a hidden one more out of shame than anything else. I'm a closet Mariah fan. Not anymore, I guess.

9. What is your most cherished possession?

My Pooh bear. He's actually Pooh II. I slept with him every night until well into my teens. He was from Sears, back when they sold Disney Pooh bears with a red felt vest, black plastic eyes and a soft fuzzy nose. My mom loves to tell me the story about how my first Pooh bear was along for a plane ride to Sweden to visit my grandparents when I was five. I befriended a three-year-old on the plane and subsequently gave her my Pooh bear. My mom bought me Pooh II shortly thereafter. He would take baths in the washing machine when he got really grimy. Mom made him a striped shirt after his vest fell apart. He sits on a shelf with our books now, next to my husband's cherished bear, Ted.

10. What one person influenced your life the most when growing up?

Jim Henson. I adored Sesame Street and everything Muppet. Through his creations, he taught me humor, songs, compassion for others, and a love for all things fuzzy.

11. What word describes you better than any other?


No tags on this meme. I only have two other blog friends and am too lazy right now to tag them. Perhaps later? I think I should go back and change my answer on #1 to procrastination.

Thanks, Sari, for such a nice thinking exercise. :)

12 January 2007

A sphincter says what?

I am feeling very juvenile these days. I think it's because we've been staying with my parents for the last two weeks while we find a suitable new abode down here in SoCal. It's like I've reverted to my old teen self. Sort of. Except now I sleep on a loud squeaky sofa bed with a man instead of a twin bed with pink sheets. Oh yes, and the whole child thing too.

I've been reminiscing/remembering about those lost not-a-care-in-the-world days. One that sticks out is a night that my friend Gail and I went to a boy's house to watch a scary movie and make out with boys. She was spending the night at my house, and we broke curfew in a big way. Did I mention we partook in underage drinking? So we come back to my house, giggling like the schoolgirls that we are, fumbling with the front door lock and trying to be quiet. We close the door behind us, and like in some lesser-known John Hughes movie, a light turns on and my mom is sitting in an armchair in the front room in her robe looking livid. Oops.

09 January 2007

Behind the Orange Curtain Once Again!

Hello Internet and Blogging Buddies!

We are at my parents' house, living in cramped quarters while Rob starts his job and we look for a place to live. After looking at about ten places, we found a nice big condo with a view of the ocean (!) that we are moving into on Saturday. It's way bigger than our old place in the Bay Area, with lots of room for the Boog to roll around and hone his crawling skills. Yes, he just started crawling on New Year's Eve! Cool, huh?

My computer is getting a new brain, but I have hypnotized my father into buying a new iMac for himself to replace the gross Gateway bohemoth from the last millenium that infected the lives of this house with its incessant humming. Yay for new Macs! I am able to blog once again while I wait for my baby to come back to me all stitched up nice and pretty.

We are sharing a room with the Boog while we stay at my parents' house. This proves to be quite trying, to say the least. He turns nine months on Saturday, and still does NOT sleep through the night, thank you very much. Rob and I decided to throw all rules out the window while we're staying here, and little Boog ends up in bed with us around midnight every night. In our tiny double bed, fold out from the sofa, creaky noisemaker of a bed. He gets put to bed around 7:30. We go to bed around 11. We creep into the room and ever-so-quietly slink into bed....CRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! And then: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Hooray for waking up the baby! Such fun to be had when we're exhausted! And boy do I sleep like a LOG when he's in bed with us. Not.

However, it is quite nice to be sharing the care and feeding of Boog with my mom. She adores him. My dad smiles like I've never seen him smile whenever Boogie is around. They live a couple blocks from the beach, which makes our walks really loverly.

I've been so busy getting all of our services set up for our new place and reserving a moving truck to get our stuff out of storage, I forgot all about my blog. Poo on me. I wish I had the privacy to write some content a little closer to my thoughts these days, but those will have to wait until we're settled. I miss you guys. I'm off to visit my buddies-of-the-blog now to say howdy. TTFN.

A post from December, just now able to publish it...

*this post was composed long ago, but working on a friend's iBook G3 made it impossible to publish, due to incompatibilities with Blogger*

So I've been away from the internets for a while now, mourning the death of my laptop's drive. Currently, it's in New Jersey to be operated on, extracting the Boog movies that I can't bear to part with. In the meantime, I am borrowing my friend's old iBook G3 (which used to be mine!) to keep up with email and that's about it. It's still on OS9, after all. A 3gig computer doesn't have room for OSX. I know! Remember back then? When a gig was HUGE???

Anyhoo. To balance out the computer woes, we also got good news! My hubby got a job offer in Southern California and he gave his notice at his job and we're up to our armpits in boxes and packing materials trying to move our lives down there in two weeks' time. So far so good, actually. We were able to escape our two year lease by posting an ad for the place and showing it to about 20 couples over the past four days. My landlord just called me and said he approved one of the dudes that sent over an application. Hooray! We'll get all our money back. Sweet.

So why is moving to the OC a good thing, you ask? All the parents are down there, and we want our Boog to grow up knowing them. My grandparents were in Sweden and Norway until they passed away, and I only saw them every few years when we visited. I never really knew them in the same way that one does when they grow up within a couple hours' drive of them. I personally also miss the beach terribly. So there's that too. And I have tons of friends down there still, most with babies or kids.

So there you go. Not much of a post, but an update on why I'm MIA. I hate being busy, but it's for a good cause. I miss November, and the days of lazily randomizing blogs and checking in with my new NaBloPoMo buds. Hey buddies! Once I get my real computer back, I'll get up to speed on all y'all and the cool stuff you've no doubt been up to. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Hey everybody!