06 December 2006

Please Stand By

I am typing this post from my hubby's work laptop. The full moon wreaked havoc on our computer situation in this household. First: Rob's personal laptop was stolen out of his car, along with his cell phone. Second: My iBook has decided to go on strike, and has not made any demands regarding contract renewal. I have NO IDEA what the HELL is wrong with it.

I do know my way around a Mac though, so I've hauled out the system disks and am furiously troubleshooting tonight. Wish me luck! I have a sinking feeling I'm going to have to restore the system software. Not to get all techie or anything, of course.

I am throwing in the towel on Holidailies. I'm sick to death of posting every day anyways. I don't know what I was thinking. I should be ordering cute photo christmas cards from Shutterfly and stuff right now, not beating myself in the head over my lack of creativity in the blogging arena.

1 comment:

sari said...

I just could NOT even think of Holidailies! At least you tried!

How's the computer doing?