11 December 2006

Mac Geniuses

Marshmallow update:

Thanks for the well wishes, folks! I went to the Mac Store today (finally got a reservation) and the hard drive? It's fried. Poop. I need to send the drive to a data recovery specialist, and then replace the drive. I wouldn't care so much, except that the Boog's little movies aren't backed up. All the tiny movies we've taken on our little digital camera since he was born. I can't bear to let those go....sniff... We recently printed a whole bunch of recent pictures, so we're cool with that. And the music? Still on CDs in my collection, except for a couple of purchased albums from iTunes. Emails? Gone, but not really that big of a deal. I'm sure I could find everyone's addresses again somehow.

I hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Maybe two fingers. Or a thumb. I kind of like my thumbs though.

p.s. Sasha: I'm not incommunicado, just without access to a computer for any length of time. After your sister's visit would be great. :)

p.s.s. Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas.


Lynanne said...

Oh no! I hope you can recover your files. Even if you have to shell out more $$ than you want, baby movies are priceless. Oh I hope you can save them!

BTW, I'm just catching up again but I love the photos - your son is SUCH a doll! How do you keep yourself from squeezing him silly?

sari said...

I'm having problems posting comments to your blog.

I just wanted to say hi and I miss you!

Come back soon!


sari said...

when are you coming back??

how was your Christmas??