03 December 2006

Bogged down by Blogger

I am annoyed. Want to know why?

At some point on Friday, Blogger ceased to allow me to create posts with that cool editing toolbar thingie at the top. You know, the one that lets you insert a link, or a picture, or bold and italicize text and stuff? Also, the tabs that say "html" and "compose" or some such thing. Dagnammit!

So. I am a woman, with no fears of asking for directions. I go to the friendly-looking "Help" link up at the top right. I think: Blogger will help me. They have had this happen before, certainly. The FAQ section leads me to the appropriate place, which informs me that Firefox 0.9 and higher are compatible (even recommended). I have Firefox 1.5. WTF???? I check my settings. No luck there. I restart Firefox. I restart my computer. Nothin'.

I give up. I want to cry. I don't know html! Waaaaaaaa!

This blows. I am going to bed.


suze said...

I had that happen to me this weekend as well. I hit refresh and the page loaded properly. But it happened a few times. Don't know why it's not loading properly the first time, but try hitting refresh and see if that works.

- Suze
(another blogger user from holidailies)

sasha said...

yeah, blogger has sucked royally at times. I've had no troubles after switching to beta, though.

I wish you luck in your holidailies blogging! I'm taking a rest after NaBloPoMo - whew.