11 December 2006

Mac Geniuses

Marshmallow update:

Thanks for the well wishes, folks! I went to the Mac Store today (finally got a reservation) and the hard drive? It's fried. Poop. I need to send the drive to a data recovery specialist, and then replace the drive. I wouldn't care so much, except that the Boog's little movies aren't backed up. All the tiny movies we've taken on our little digital camera since he was born. I can't bear to let those go....sniff... We recently printed a whole bunch of recent pictures, so we're cool with that. And the music? Still on CDs in my collection, except for a couple of purchased albums from iTunes. Emails? Gone, but not really that big of a deal. I'm sure I could find everyone's addresses again somehow.

I hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. Maybe two fingers. Or a thumb. I kind of like my thumbs though.

p.s. Sasha: I'm not incommunicado, just without access to a computer for any length of time. After your sister's visit would be great. :)

p.s.s. Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas.

07 December 2006

Bragging gets me nowhere

Okay, so I'm not the Mac guru I thought I was. This is serious. The hard drive doesn't even show up when I start from the install disk. Major melt-down (mine) is being delayed as long as possible. I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow to see if those smarties can revive her. A candlelight vigil is being held in her honor tonight at midnight. All those attending will be served hot cocoa.

Ironically, my iBook's name is Marshmallow.

06 December 2006

Oh, and also...

Sending out good vibes for the quick recovery of Sasha's household of Barfy McFlu.

Get well soon, little dudes!

Please Stand By

I am typing this post from my hubby's work laptop. The full moon wreaked havoc on our computer situation in this household. First: Rob's personal laptop was stolen out of his car, along with his cell phone. Second: My iBook has decided to go on strike, and has not made any demands regarding contract renewal. I have NO IDEA what the HELL is wrong with it.

I do know my way around a Mac though, so I've hauled out the system disks and am furiously troubleshooting tonight. Wish me luck! I have a sinking feeling I'm going to have to restore the system software. Not to get all techie or anything, of course.

I am throwing in the towel on Holidailies. I'm sick to death of posting every day anyways. I don't know what I was thinking. I should be ordering cute photo christmas cards from Shutterfly and stuff right now, not beating myself in the head over my lack of creativity in the blogging arena.

04 December 2006

And so it begins...

He's pulling himself up to his knees!

Does this mean I can't go out for coffee and leave him at home anymore?

Woot! Blogger Bogged No More

Back on with my little buddies on the posting toolbar. Yay, little buddies! Thanks for the advice, guys! Totally worked, and I'm stoked.

More later.

03 December 2006

Bogged down by Blogger

I am annoyed. Want to know why?

At some point on Friday, Blogger ceased to allow me to create posts with that cool editing toolbar thingie at the top. You know, the one that lets you insert a link, or a picture, or bold and italicize text and stuff? Also, the tabs that say "html" and "compose" or some such thing. Dagnammit!

So. I am a woman, with no fears of asking for directions. I go to the friendly-looking "Help" link up at the top right. I think: Blogger will help me. They have had this happen before, certainly. The FAQ section leads me to the appropriate place, which informs me that Firefox 0.9 and higher are compatible (even recommended). I have Firefox 1.5. WTF???? I check my settings. No luck there. I restart Firefox. I restart my computer. Nothin'.

I give up. I want to cry. I don't know html! Waaaaaaaa!

This blows. I am going to bed.

02 December 2006

Let the holiday season begin!

I know, it started like two months ago for the retail industry, but for me, it's the first weekend of December. Where you get the tree and haul out the box of Christmas decorations and the house smells like trees. And the BAKING! Let's not forget that - what with the unabashed consumption of sugar in all its glorious forms.

More important than the retail rat-race is this: to slow down and make time during this busy month for the things that enrich your life. :) I know we will!

p.s. Blogger is misbehaving, hiding my nice post creation toolbar from me. I'm unable to preview, so posting this picture is a shot in the dark...


01 December 2006

Day Thirty -v2.0

Hey, an instant friend came my way and offered up herself to make #5 on my meme tag. Thanks, Ms. 3DogCache!