04 November 2006


My husband Rob has been working loooooong hours this week, including a full day today. A Saturday! To add insult to injury, we have friends staying with us, and he doesn't get to hang out with them much. This makes me sad, and yet guilty for feeling sad since he's the one with the sucky work hours this week.

The friends left today and I was looking forward to getting the Boog to bed so that we could enjoy a nice evening together, just the two of us. We have some Netflix that are burning a hole through the top of our TV, and I got some kettle corn this morning at the farmer's market just for him.

So I give the Boog a bath, get him in his pj's, and hand him over to Rob to finish the bedtime routine with his bottle, a story and a song. I settle in the living room and check my email. Thirty minutes later, and no sign of Rob. I check on them and he's asleep with the Boog in the rocker. So I got the little guy in his crib and helped a sleepy husband out of the rocker and he wanders into the living room and passes out on the cot that our guests were sleeping on. This annoys me. I help myself to more soda in the kitchen, which makes some noise and agitates my sleeping husband.

Am I supposed to be all quiet in the living room while he sleeps here? No sir. It's 8pm. I am not sleepy and would like to sit and chill without any baby needs or house guest needs, and just veg. Vegg? I don't know how to spell that.

Anyhoo. I told him to go to bed very nicely, that he must be exhausted. That I would feel guilty for making noise in here if he's sleeping. He got up and said, no, it's too early, he shouldn't go to sleep yet. Yada, yada, yada, and he's now asleep in our room. And now I'm sad. I can't get my brain around the nonsense of working so hard to support your family while sacrificing time with said family. Isn't there a better compromise that's more in my favor? I miss getting my way and I miss pouting when I don't.

I'm off to practice my pouty lip.

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