02 November 2006

Pathetic Excuse for a Post

A very dear old friend from my college days is visiting with his wife and son, who quite conveniently is only a month older than ours. They're staying with us, which makes me so happy, since it means I get all kinds of time with them.

Having a small two bedroom has made the sleeping arrangements a bit of a logistical nightmare. My mom's idea won me over: set up cots in the living room, with the pack and play alongside. That way, they have their own space and don't have to do the whole fold/unfold sofa bed/tidy up all the stuff and have to dig in bags every time you need something during the day.

What we all clearly forgot (conveniently forgot?) is that two babies in one house does not make for a breezy night of sleeping. Us moms have our baby radars on all night long, so we've got an ear pricked for any baby noise, including that of the other one. I was awake most of the night. Is that JT or Robby who's fussing? Did I hear something? What was that? And so on.

Fortunately, we're all good friends, and making it work. Which means just calling it a night at 9pm, and going to our respective sleep spaces. Oh well. I knew my college days were over long ago. I just didn't expect that becoming a parent meant sacrificing late night pow-wows with old friends. So now I'm the only one still awake in the house. At least it's quiet enough to type this lame post without interruption.

p.s. Sorry for the lame-ass boring post.
p.p.s. Did I mention that this post sucks?

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