26 November 2006

Day Twenty-Six - Lovin' You With My _______

When Rob and I fell in love (awww...) we began a long series of inside jokes and phrases that I'm guessing most couples have. One of those phrases is "I'm loving you with my [insert noun here]."

It all started with our drives about town or wherever. I would sit in the passenger seat and stare at his cute mug for such a long time that it became creepy were we not in love. He would finally notice, laugh, and ask me what I was doing. And I'd tell him: I am loving you with my eyes. This exchange would also occur if I was driving, but stopped at a light or in traffic or something.

As most inside jokes evolve, so did ours. I would look at him across the living room, peering over our laptops and give him a long, toothy grin. He'd say, "Awww, you're loving me with your teeth."

So now, of course, it has spilled over into our poor unsuspecting child's catalog of phrases that are spoken on his behalf. Do any of you do that? Speak on your baby's behalf in an otherwise annoying voice, like he's the one doing the talking? This also applies to pets. I'm assuming the answer is yes.


The Boog, not being able to talk yet, speaks though us. Rob and I are constantly calling "not it" on the less-than-desireable diaper changes. The "poopy pants", as we call them. So to make them less revolting, we've started making them as cute as possible. Hence: "Awww, he's loving you with his poop."

Happy "Our First Kiss Anniversary", Rob. I'm loving you with my heart.

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sasha said...


We ended up calling each other "poopie" and "pooper" as a joke, to mock dear friends who called each other by those names. They only did it to mock the friends they heard it from.

Weird, eh?