20 November 2006

Day Twenty - Posting Again Today/I Should Really Save This For Tomorrow/Oh Well

Okay, time to put the capital M in Mommy blog:

The Boog got his first tooth two weeks ago. Two days ago, he started the super-fun game of "Bite Mommy's Nipple While I Eat". For the love of all that is holy, that f-ing hurts.

I've done the whole startle him by screaming OW! thing.

I've done the mash his face into my boob so that he can't breathe and therefore opens his mouth thing.

Both of these work fairly well in the moment, but don't seem to be teaching him anything. Should I be patient, and keep at it for a while? I'm terrified of nursing now. He always bites me towards the end, so maybe I can pull him away before he seems finished? I wanted to nurse for another 5 months at least. This blows. I'm so sad about all this.



sari said...

I remember one of my boys (I forget which) would just laugh hysterically when I yelled ow. It's hard to be mad when a little tiny baby is laughing at you but I feel your pain, it hurts!

I think you just have to take him off and say "No!" kind of sternly when he bites, hopefully eventually, he'll figure it out. Just don't laugh, it ruins the message.

Good luck!

JMom said...

Hi Eva, thanks for dropping by Our Kitchen. So you're doing NaBloPoMo too?!! I'm impressed especially since you have a little one. I couldn't keep NaBloPoMo up in my kitchen, but I'm trying my darndest In Our House.

I can sympathize, I have three girls, and my second one I had to wean early just because of this problem. I took it as a sign she wanted something more substantial, so we started her on solids, and she's been chomping her way since :) Good luck!

sasha said...

I know, that sucks. (pun intended) He'll get over it though. Stop nursing every time he bites, even if it makes you feel mean. I think at the Boog's age it's about behaviorism and reinforcement, since you can't have a meaningful two-way conversation about it.

And if he does it toward the end of his feedings, cutting the nursings short could help, maybe when he slows down and starts to get bored.