21 November 2006

Day Twenty-one - Thanks!

I am so loving youse guys right now. Thanks for the helpful advice on yesterday's post and motivation to keep at it! So far today, the score is:

Boobies: 3
Boog fangs: 0

Woo hoo!

Now if I can figure out how to post every day while we're in Southern California (yes - gasp - BEHIND THE ORANGE CURTAIN!!!) for the gorging holiday, I'll be set!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. There is so very much to be thankful for this year.


Disgruntled Owl said...

Cheerin cheerin cheerin for your blog! GOOOOO NaBloPoMo yeah!!!

*this comment brought to you by an official NaBlo Cheering Owl*

I still can't read your blog without singing "boog-a-boog boog, he's a boogidy boog" softly to myself *hee hee*

Lynanne said...

Yea on the no-biting streak!

Don't feel bad about stopping when he bites as Sasha suggested, even if it feels like you are stopping a little early. When he bites you with his lower teeth, he is not actively nursing. When a baby is sucking, his tongue covers his lower teeth (you can actually see his tongue sticking out if you gently lift your breast and look under).

Its actually the same with the top teeth -- in order to bite down he has to move his lower jaw upward. Although he could bite you with his upper teeth, he would bite his own tongue in the process.

In either case, if he's not sucking he's probaby done. If not, he will soon get the message that if he wants food he cant bite.

Enjoy your trip!!!!

sasha said...

Eva, you've two 1/2 hours left!

Post, woman, for the love of god...POST!