28 November 2006

Day Twenty-Eight - Bad Mommy

My hubby's holiday work dinner was tonight. It was a feast of carnivorous proportions, at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. I apologize to all you veggies and vegans out there, but DAMN do they know how to cook a piece of meat.

It was our first outing without leaving the Boog in a grandmommy's care. Our neighbor, Sally (who is a part-time nanny) watched him. May I remind you that the Boog is 7.5 months old. I thought I was so ready to leave him in a non-relative's care. It has been Rob who has balked at the idea of leaving him with a babysitter "so soon". Guess what? I ached for the little guy before we even reached the restaurant. You'll get no apologies from me, though. I'm a first-time mom. Nyah.

To my credit, I DID wait a whole hour before calling her to check in.

So by now you are probably wondering what the title of today's post has to do with any of this. And no, I didn't empty the wine cellar's stock. We don't drink. I drank three cokes and a cup of coffee. It's no wonder I'm still up, tending to my poor son after he nursed from my caffeinated milk supply. Bad Mommy.

...and you thought this was going to be a slightly interesting post, huh? Suckers!

Dude, I have no idea how to be remotely interesting at 11:22pm. This proves it.

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